Tuesday, 17 October 2017


These holidays were pretty boring but I had a lot of fun because in the first week of the holidays my sister came over to our house on the tuesday and stayed to the saturday. We had a lot of fun we played board games, watched movies and chilled until my mum got home. On the Thursday     

In the second week of the holiday I went to dannielle's house on the monday and we went to the dairy and got a lot of lollies and chocolate and when we got back from the dairy we had lunch after we ate we to get our togs on and went to swim. After 3 hours of swimming we got out of the pool and started planning what we were going to do the next day.

When we woke up on tuesday morning there was a table of presents waiting for Dannielle to open so we had breakfast and she started opening them and got a lot of cool things after that we went to get ready for the day were I did her make up and played some games. At 10 am we decided that we were going to go to gravity in manukau then at 11 am we went left to manukau and went to have some lunch at .. and after that at 1:30 we went over to gravity were we there till 2:30 and then went to the mall were we spent 35 minutes walking around and we went into mirrou and farmers and looked for cute clothes for our cousins and  found a lot of cute outfits but of course we weren't allowed to buy it because it was too much money and we didn’t have any money.  

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