Thursday, 19 October 2017

The Holidays
Image result for silverdale adventure parkImage result for silverdale adventure parkIn the holidays I didn’t really do that much, I didn’t go to my bach, do lots of fun things or even go see a movie. But it wasn’t all bad because my brother and I had our friends over from Howick for a sleepover, on the way back from picking them up my brother and his friend went on a mountain bike trail at Totara park and while they were doing that my friend and I went to The Gardens School and played some basketball and soccer. Once we’d finished playing we went back to Totara park and picked up my brother and his friend and started making our way home, and once we had got home we just chilled and played some PS4 and hung out. The next day all of our household had to get up early and we had to go out to Silverdale, which is just past snow planet, because there is an adventure park there with lots of activities to do like: a luge (That’s actually pretty decent), a vertical bungy, a tube slide, spaceship simulator, 7D cinema and a little bit off to the side for really little kids and that was about it.

In the last week off the school holidays, on Wednesday, I was going over to my friends house for a sleepover but then the day before my mum got a text that I would only be able to go over for the day because the next morning he was having to get braces so I just went over to his house for the day and chilled out for the day at his house.

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