Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Orere point

Orere point

Image result for orere point mapOn one of the sunniest days of the holidays, Myself, Poppa , brother and cousins all went to go and see my Poppa’s Brother. He lives out in the country near Kawakawa bay which is a popular fishing spot. On our way there we stopped in Clevedon so the dogs could go to the bathroom. They were sitting in a cage in the back of the car. We carried on our journey all the way to Orere Point. When we got there my Uncle and Auntie were waiting on the deck with there dog Katie. Since the last time I had been there they have done a lot of renovations. Then my cousins and I went down through some bushes all they way up the top then it lead us to the other side of the deck where Dylan and everybody else was.

When we got back to the house, all of us were hungry, so we all ate morning tea mmm… a sausage roll with pastry yummy, I put my plate in the sink rinsed it out and went to play with the dogs. Shortly after that everybody went through the other side of the bushes which has a trail to the beach, of course Katie lead the way because she knew it off by heart. As soon as we got there my cousins and I saw a boat that looked exactly like my cousins dad. We yelled out as much as we could so that he could hear us, they turned the boat around and came to shore (they were fishing at kawakawa bay).

My cousins Nana and Dad came to look for a shell that my younger cousin forgot (she wasn’t with us at the time) but the bad thing was that they couldn’t find it. But they gave my Uncle Robert some fish for dinner that they had caught out in the ocean, once they started to leave a whole bunch of fish jumped up from the sea bed I grabbed my stick and then I tried to stab one. It took like almost half an hour and I still couldn’t find another one so I gave up, we started to walk home this time I was in beer feet which was HORRIBLE. Once we got home my cousin Aimee had to take her pants off because of how wet they were so she had to wear her jumper as her pants.
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My cousins, brother and I all went down to the creek, we went so far that I found a piece of wood so I built a bridge, I went to the bridge to cross over the stream. Then of course I slipped and fell into the stream. So I had to go up and grab a towel and use it for pants, it was horrible we had to go to the ice cream shop in Clevedon right after, I stayed in the car with the dogs and my towel. The rest of them brought my ice cream back and we ate it on the way home.

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