Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Writing

My Writing.
  • Highlight of my holiday.

My main highlight of the holidays would have to be after dance rehearsals at Kendall's house.

We went back up the driveway to go get Scarlet and our friend Ceri after Tyler had finished his smoke. When the came out we noticed there were Jonos jacket and phone sitting on the chair, and we cracked up laughing. So we grabbed the stuff and jumped back into James car with Magenta, Ceri and Scarlet.
On the way out, we saw Jono driving back up with Jamie and the boys (Liam, Seth and Jarrod) so that he could go and get his phone, and we laughed while we handed his phone back.

Once we were back in Pukekohe, we headed to the park because Magenta was acting like a Child, saying that she wanted to go and we all agreed.
When we got there, we saw a HUGE slide accompanied by a steep hill which we had to climb up, ugh!

After that were ran up to meet Jono, who had 2 bags of lollies, and the others. A wheel, a huge, metal, purple wheel was sitting there in the other playground. Scarlet, Liam, Seth and I ran over while Jono walked. We climbed on and it started turning.
A few minutes passed and I was horrified, and on the verge of tears when Erica made me do yet another 360 degree turn on the wheel. I was screaming to Jono and my Mum to come and help because I was afraid that if I got off, liam would make the wheel roll, that he would fall on me and hurt himself and me in the process.
When I was finally able to get of, it was time to go and get food. Mum had gotten my sister and I a doughnut each. Then we went to McDonalds and had a good time, Jono shouted the meal and we all had fun conversations. Soon after, it was time to head to rehearsals for our dress rehearsal, which was a blast.

Now it’s time for bed, yay!

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