Monday, 23 October 2017

My Holidays

During the holidays it was crazy, fun, exciting, and enjoyable. I had lots of exciting moments. On the first week of the holidays, I stayed at my aunt's place. We went to multiple beaches and water holes. We jumped off bridges, wharf's, and cliffs. We stayed there until the afternoon.we played around in the park and had lunch there. During the night my uncle and aunt had driven all the way to Auckland city every night as I stayed over. We went to Mission Bay to have a play around and have a swim in the sea and in the water fountain.we had pizza late at night, at Auckland city. And we would always do training at night in the park. Everyone would walk past us, thinking that we're weird. But I like that because of we still kids, and its unique.

On Saturday I had to go home to pack because my aunt and uncle had explained to us that we were all going to visit our Nan and papa in Tauranga. As we were on our way we made stops to have a stretch, eat, and play around. We stopped at Paeroa and all of us took a photo in front of the L&P bottle stand. As soon as we arrived we drove to the marine and started jumping off the wharf, everyone fishing was getting really mad at us because they thought we were scaring off the fish. But really there was no fish. As soon as my cousin had started to jump, there was a big stingray swimming in the water.

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