Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Holidays


Image result for catsThe first couple of days of the school holidays I was just chilling out watching netflix. Wednesday afternoon Zac rang up asking if he want to have a sleep over. That night I packed my bag and went over. When I got there he was playing on the PS4 playing Destiny 2. We played Destiny for a little bit and then dinner was ready and calling for us. We had homemade burgers they were delicious. The next morning I woke up to their cat meowing and head butting the door. It was so annoying because I couldn’t get back to bed.
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I was at hatch hockey for the 2 week which is the A team for u 13 counties hockey 2017. It was such a great experience for me because this is my 2 year of hockey. I learnt a lot because there were heaps of experienced players in the team. The first day which was Sunday we had to do a pervaded with all the other teams. The 2nd day we had a game against Tan Range and we lost 3-1. The next day after we did hot and cold which means you take a cold shower and then jump into a heated pool. We stayed at King's college for the week it was so good. The 3rd night we went to this awesome buffa and I just filled my stomach up I felt like I was going to throw up. The 2nd to last day we were playing to play for 9th and 10th it was a hard game but we pulled through agents Waikato. After our coach had to ow us a frozen cokes. The last day was the best and most tiring day we had to pack up at 7:30am and we had our 9th and 10th game at 9:30am against Northland. Before the game our coach poured cold water on us to be woken up because we looked tired. The first half was so intense until Adam scored. That's when the whole crowed went crazy. The next half was even more crazy because we had to hold the lead. When the whistle blow our supporters went crazy as us. After the prize giving we had to go home and say bye to the team.

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