Thursday, 19 October 2017

My holidays

My holidays

Image result for hawaiiOn the 14th of October my dad and I were driving home from Rotorua. We were so happy because I had just finished playing my Counties Manukau Hockey tournament. In the build up to the main tournament we lost every game and drew one. On they way down I thought we were going to come dead last but we came third. On the way home we were super excited because my family and I were going to Hawaii. We got home and unpacked. We chilled out till Leanne came to our house and picked us up and took us to the airport. Three hours later we went to our gate and waited for another hour. The we got on the plane are headed to Hawaii. The flight 9 hour long. We feel asleep and woke up in Hawaii. When they let us off the plane I was buzzing with excited. Mum was a little stressed because the airport was so big she didn’t know where to go and where the shuttle would pick us up. We went through security and went where we thought the shuttle would pick us up. We got into the shuttle and they took us to our hotel. Our room wasn’t ready until 3 but we tried to get in earlier it still wasn’t ready so we went and had a look around until it was 3. We were on the 25th floor and the veiw was great.

Screenshot 2017-10-20 at 06.44.09.pngThe next day we went to the outlet shopping centre. My sister brought lots of things, My mum bought a pair of shoes for herself and a pair for my Nana and Popa. My dad brought a pair of crocs and I brought two pair of shoes. We were walking back to the bus and it was nice and sunny then it started raining. We got into the bus and headed for home. Later on that day we went swimming in the Hilton lagoon and our hotel's pool. The next day we chilled out and looked around. We walked across the road to the ABC store and got some bread and peanut butter. Later that night we walked down to the mall. We had a look around and then came home.

Screenshot 2017-10-20 at 06.50.49.pngThe next day we walked down to the beach and went parasailing. With my sister we went super high and had heaps of fun. On the way down we got dunked in the ocean. The next day we did a tour around the island. We stopped in so many cool places and had a nice shrimp lunch. 30 minutes later we stopped at a beach and went snorkelling with sea turtles my sister and I saw them but my mum and dad didn’t. The next day at 5:25am we head for pearl harbour it was really cool and interesting we saw the Arizona memorial that got sunk when Japan attacked. When we were going to the gift shop we saw on of the three survivors still alive. On Tuesday we went swimming with sharks it was so cool and super nice weather. Later that day we went on a catamaran that was super cool it was nice and smooth, on the way back in to shore we saw dolphins which was cool. The next day we didn’t do anything we just started packing. The next day we headed to the airport. Once we had got through the airport we went to our gate and got on the plane. 9 hours later we were home in New Zealand.       

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