Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Holiday

My Holiday Writing
On the Holidays i went to Rainbows End.We were trying to get there early as possible.We had some spending money to use at Rainbows end.As we got in the gates we went straight to the Corkscrew Rollercoaster and went on that ride.As we arrived on the ride we were so excited.We waited for our turn, about ten minutes later we jumped on the ride and went.As we were going down i could feel the butterflies rushing down my body.We were waiting to go on the Invader.The ride was so relaxing and was not scary at all for all of us.Me, my brother and his friend went on the Power Surge.The part that was the best on that ride was spinning upside down in the air was the best part.

We started going on all the karts and dodgems.We were waiting in line to go on the Scorpion Karts, as we were waiting in line we could see everybody racing and doing drifts around the corner.Finally it was our turn to go on, we started revving our engines and went on the track.As i came around the corner i did a quick drift and just flew pass like 3 people just because they weren't staying as close to the inside of the track.We were on our final lap and i was about to pass this guy that was coming 1st place, i was right next to him and i started to bump into him even tho we weren’t meant to bump people and as we reached the end we both crashed and came last.

As soon as we arrived to go on the Bumper Cars the line was short so we quickly waited in line.About three minutes later it was our turn and it went so quick that we didn't even realise it.Me and my Friend teamed up on this kid that looked about twelve years old

and my mate came from behind and i came right up front and we both crashed into the kid.As the ride was about to stop i drove from behind and smacked right into his bumper car and he hit his head on the steering wheel.Me and my friend went on the stratosphere and the line looked packed as but it went so quick.As it was our turn we started to go up and up and up and probably the only best part on the ride was staying upside down for like seven seconds.After a bit of rides we had some lunch because it was about twelve o'clock.So we were just waiting for some of the rides to get less people on the ride so that we don't have to wait for long.

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