Wednesday, 18 October 2017


                           LUCAS’S HOLIDAY
In my holidays I played a new game called Last Day On Earth: Survival on my ipad. In the game you have to learn how to survive and build a house make weapons and collect resources. When exploring you have a chance to find other players while collecting resources collecting food and killing zombies. In order to get somewhere in the game you have to gain experience points to get engram points to learn engrams which allows you to craft the item that you spent your engram points on. Bunker runs once you have progressed far in the game most people do a Bunker Alfa run to get rare resources to make transport to go to far away places. Once you get a zombie truck you can travel to new areas to have multiple bases giving you multiple places to spawn, have multiple storage, and crafting areas.                      
In the second week of the holidays me and my Mum and Dad went to New Plymouth and we stayed at a motel called the strand. Me and my Dad climbed paritutu rock by climbing up the rocks on the sides of the cliff when it was really windy. We went to the museum in New Plymouth and looked at all of the exhibits including the art exhibits, the next day we went to breakfast at the deluxe diner but my Mum had make a complaint about her food because she didn’t like it after that we went to Brooklands Zoo to find out that there were barely any different animals but there was lots of kids.


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