Thursday, 19 October 2017


The 2017 spring holidays were one of the best yet. Being a student and being stuck in school for 10 week always makes you look forward to the holidays ahead.This holidays I was so ready for a break and knew exactly what i wanted to do with some of my favourite people.

The first week was amazing hanging out with my cousin alyssa.going to place having fun and forgetting about school was just a part of our daily routine.Monday waking up bright and early to the sun shining this was just the start to a good day we then made our to the treasure island mini golf to have a game.Then October the 3rd me and my cousin went into the city to do a bit of shopping.Over the next to days alyssa and I relaxed at home,Until friday on Friday we invited my other cousin over  to come to the movies with us, after seeing the emoji movie we then went to my mums friends house. The long drive was boring but then we had finally made it and we all were happier than ever. Our mums friend loved horses and had a few of them at her house.Me and my cousins all love horses so we were so excited to be here.It turns out the female horse was pregnant  and Meike told us to careful around them.Surely enough Sam decided to go over the fence and go up to them, and of course the horses weren't happy and pushed her over to where she fell on the ground but she wasn’t hurt.Sadly that was the end of the first week and there was only 1 week left.

The second week started of with sumandri coming around to my house.Early monday morning sumandri came over to my house for a catch up.We spent most of our time in the pool and then decided that we should have a sleepover.We also went around to Alex’s house and welcomed ourselves in until she had to go to training.

The next morning we woke up and I was 13.After spending the morning around the house we decided to go out for lunch and do something fun.We ended up going to gravity around 1:30-2:30.After we ended up going home and relaxing till sumandri’s mum came to pick her up.

The next day I hung out with Rachel at her new house we ended up going shopping and she introduced me to bubble waffles.While we were with her mum going to target we ran into this boy in a donut costume, I soon turned out that he was doing a vog challenge.

For the rest of the holidays I stayed around the house doing nothing at all,Until sunday I went to Alex's house Just to catch up with her and Kendyl.

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