Thursday, 19 October 2017


Image result for matarangi Holidays What a fun thing to talk about favorite times with family and friends. Having all the fun in the world. Going out shopping and buying the whole shop to decorate my boring old room but with a little bit of different thing, my room looks brand new. “Are we there yet” having a two-hour trip down too matarangi looking out at the stunning Coromandel as the sun sets. Waking up and getting straight into my togs and walk down to the beach with Peyton.
I run and dive into the ice cold water making me get a brain freeze. I get up and run back out of the water my legs feel frozen and going to fall off. Sitting around a hot fire toasting marshmallows.Watching the fire burning down to embers as the stars come out you can hear the beach and the waves crashing one by one Image result for toasting marshmallowsThe moon lighting up the whole place not needing a flashlight to see where to go. Waking up the next morning and doing all over again. Going to the beach. Back in the car and going home to see all of my family at my sister's housewarming party there were over 50 people there it was so good to see them. My holidays were so fun can't wait till the next one.

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