Thursday, 19 October 2017

Holiday writing task

In the holidays I went to the Breakers training basket ball training program that went for five hours and three days. At the training program you learn different skills and stuff that you haven't learn't before. We got tee-shirt that says "Junior Breakers" on it and we got to keep it.

In the holidays I also went to Mount Maunganui. We went for a swim at the hotel and walked up and around the Mount. We went for a swim at least two times a day. Walking around the Mount was a lot easier than walking up the Mount because I find it harder on my legs.

In the holidays I also went to drama. In my drama lessons we did a play that was about,  someone orders someone to kill someone. There was a mystery of who ordered the person to kill .The person that order to kill was my dads partner and my dad.

In the holidays my dad got a text from my uncle asking if me and my dad would like to go to the Breakers basketball game for free. My uncle gets free tickets because he does adverts for yellow pages. So he gave us free tickets to go to the basketball game at 7:30 at vector arena.

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