Thursday, 19 October 2017

Holiday Writing

On the 13th of October 2017 My sister was driving to my house early in the morning. My sisters name is Sam she has dark red hair and tan skin.  Sam knocked on my door while I was playing on my computer, I rushed to the door and there she was. Sam took me to her car and we rushed over to rainbows end. We got there about 10 minutes early so we stayed in the car but that was as big mistake, because we had to wait in the que for about half an hour. When we got in we got our wristbands on and walked in. We didn't know what we could do first so we spun a spinner to find out what we should do. The spinner landed on the 5d movie so we did that first ,It was not the best ride, then we moved on to the farefall and that was great. We loved the rush of falling from mid air, it felt like ur guts were coming out of your mouth and I also loved the tingly feeling in your tummy.

After that we moved on to the invator we did that about 5 times because it was very fun. You go up round and round very fast and the track looks like it is broken and your going to fall out but you don't. Then we went on the ride next to it the stratosfare I found it boring, I have no clue why, So I didn't want to do it, but my sister on the other hand was thinking that she was going to die. I really wanted to do the roller coaster so we did, I found out why I loved it because I forgot why I did but I love going upside down around the loop. Then after that we did the log flume, gold rush, bumper carts, but we didn't do the bumper boats or the go carts because the line was so long. After all of that fun we left the theme park got in the car and drove home. I loved the trip because I could spend time with my sister

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