Thursday, 19 October 2017

Holiday Recount

Holiday Recount
In the last week of the holidays I went to a football tournament down in Taupo.  We competed against other 13th grade team from around the country. We were the only team there that played division one every other team had either played in the top division or won it.

It was 4 o’clock on saturday when we had got in the car ready to drive down. The rest of team had gone on friday with only me staying behind. It was a long three hour drive nothing but trees and animals to look at. When we arrived there the game was about to start. I quickly ran onto the field looking for my team. There was 3 other teams with the same uniforms as us which got me confused. I had no gear on just my shoes socks and clothes. After 10 minutes of searching for the team I finally found them.

I quickly rushed and put my gear on and had no time to warm up before the match started. I was starting the game which was unexpected since I haven’t warmed up and came to the game late. I was warming up in the field when the game started because I didn’t want to get injured half way through. The ball hardly moved up the pitch our side we were defending the whole game. They set up a tap in and scored. Our whole team was down and continued to play terrible. The game ended 1-0 and we couldn’t believe it since our team could’ve played so much better.

Our coach wasn’t as upset with as because we were slipping over and couldn’t stay standing for more than 3 minutes. But his eager to win the next game was impeccable he was talking to us about the game plan for so long that straight after we had to warm up for the next game. Our next game wasn’t an easy one it was against onehunga but they didn’t call themselves that they said “we are wellington phoenix”. We entered that game frightened. They were striking at our goal every minute or two. They finally broke through and scored we were all down but knew the other team deserved it. The game was almost over it was attack after attack for both teams. My team mate played a through ball in the middle of the park I took it for myself and scored. Everyone screamed we were all happy to shutdown a wellington academy team.

The field that we lost in ended up being our JInx flied we would always play so well in that field but never really finished that much. The other team always nicked a lucky goal and it would be right in the dying moments. Overall it was a good week for the team and especially for me scoring 6 goals in 8 games which in a tournament that big is a success.

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