Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Holiday Recount

Holiday Recount

Best holiday ever! If I had to chose one time to have a holiday it would definitely be the one we had now. Rainbows End was the biggest highlight, just the excitement and thrill of the look of the rides was amazing. It was Caitlin's brothers birthday, so of course we ate our weight in sweets and other junk. The first ride caitlin and I had the pleasure of going on was the motion master, amazing. After the ride I felt like I could do almost anything, although I don’t know if Caitlin enjoyed it as much as me, so I had to throw a spanner into the works and tell a little lie about the next ride. “It’s not scary, it’ll be over in a second, trust me you won’t feel a thing.”and after a few more of those she plucked up the courage, and went on the ride with me. She was nervous at the start but after it was over she loved it, she even wanted to do it again! Although going on the rides with Caitlin was super fun I really wanted to go on bigger things, the stratis fear being one. I wasn’t nerves at all for the ride, in fact I was bursting into laughter throughout the whole ride.

Laser tag was my next destination another highlight of my holiday. The adrenaline of knowing that you may be shot at any moment was thrilling. Keelia and I walked out back to back making sure that none of the boys were to get us. Then out of nowhere out popped a tribe of little boys, keelia and I were run over by the “paparazzi” shot in every angle. After the horror of the game was over, we were relieved. 6459 points was pretty good. But we were downhearted at the fact that the boys had 10,674 points, as we had lost to 5 - 9 year old boys. Soon after we went to the skate park, and were told we had mad skillz, the bunny hop, and the ride up the ramp, were the best we could do. Thinking we were amazing we looked over our shoulder, saw boys doing back flips and scooters, and we cracked up laughing.

On the last day of the holidays my brother, my granny, her friend, and myself all went to the botanical gardens. The whole place was lit up with beautiful trees and flowers, it was a whole splash of colors. The trees were beautiful and tall, but that wasn’t enough for my satisfaction, of course we had to climb them, because what's the point of going to the gardens if you can’t do something adventurous.

What an amazing holiday.

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