Thursday, 19 October 2017

Holiday recount
In the holidays there was not much to do apart from hangout because I was chilling with my cousin. It would get boring most times because we had to stay inside but the weather got better so we took our chance and went for a ride. For the first week it was boring because of how small conifer grove is but we made do after we were going for rides every day. we would go to the diary and hangout with some friends of ours that live around there which made it better.

That weekend we had to pack up because we were heading down to my cousin's place and it was a bit of a drive because of where he lives. He lives in west harbor so there was a lot of things to do and when we got there it was dark so we just set up the went to bed. During the week w could do what we wanted again so we looked at the bus times and then on wednesday we went to the skate park. The skate park was probably the best thing we did the whole week instead of just chilling out.

It all changed when his dad didn’t need to go to work because we were able to go out and play different thing as he was chilled out about what we will do. We ended up going to different skate parks because we couldn’t think of anything else but it was still fun. During that week we were at my house my brother picked up a goat which it a lot better for us except he was to excited and was hard to look after him.

After a few weeks of hanging out was obviously to long because my cousin was starting to get annoying and he was trying to start arguments for no reason. But it was fun because we don’t see each other that much anymore since he left because he moved. We still see each other though which is why he tries to get me angry but he is just annoying because he interrupts everything and starts to show off. So it was good to see him again and have some fun.

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