Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Holiday Recount!

Holiday could’ve been better. As the holidays began we had a basketball game on that we had lost.  For the next 2 days I couldn't go on my phone or computer for numerous reasons, Instead I tried to get them back. I cleaned out the car, did dishes, put washing away, and pretty much more than I normally do.  

The following Saturday we went to my cousin’s 4th birthday. Me and my Brother stayed in the corner with my laptop and cake playing Minecraft. Funny enough, they had a small toddler basketball hoop out in the backyard so I was able to have a few shots. We put the hoop on a chair to make it higher for me.

The next day around mid-day, Edif, Isaiah, and me went to a NEW ZEALAND BREAKERS GAME. WE all went to Isaiah’s house and we went from there. EDEN found a phone on the ground and Isaiah claimed that he had found it. We gave the phone back to this old looking guy.

The game had started and everyone was watching New Zealand in the lead. About the 3rd quarter, the score was going up and down. New Zealand did loose at the end. While we were leaving the arena, some random lady asked Eden if he wanted free food. Eden did not get kidnapped afterwards but actually got free food. When me and Isaiah went to go get free food, Eden couldn't hold anything more in his hands.

The next 5 days were just playing on computers, eating food, doing MORE dishes, and going to bed to sleep. Saturday and Sunday were the regret days. None of us kids wanted to go back to school except for my sister. She said that she wanted to play with her friends. That's Sunday was the thing the shook the WHOLE holiday, the 1 v 1 against me and my DAD. That game was exactly like the NZ Breakers game that me and my friends watched. The game ended with my dad winning.

What a holiday, seriously...

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