Thursday, 19 October 2017

Highlight for my holiday

In the holidays the first thing I did was going to the beach. We had some food, and ice cream, and my family, and I went to go find some shells for art. After that we decided to go for a swim, and we went boogie boarding, then me, Emma, and the dog went to go find some shell rings, and walked all the way down to the end of the beach, and climbed on the rocks.

On another day we went to Totara park, we walked all the way up to the playground, and had some fun, at Totara park there were lots of people so we hardly went on anything, so we decided to leave to get a ice cream, Emma saw her friend so she asked to stay extra at the park, to talk to him. Me and my Grandma waited in the car for like 1 hour, and Emma would not come back. But afterwards I stole some of her food because she was taking to long and so she is still mad at me.

 The last thing that I did was going to rainbows end for my brothers birthday, I went on basically all the rides but two, my favourite ride was the invader, the worst ride I went on was the power surge, Ella made a lie, and said it was fun and exactly like my favourite ride but when I was on it I felt like I was going to die. Ella also came over her fear, and went on my favourite ride the invader, and know she loves it. Ella, and I also got some cotton candy for our tradition. I also loved going on the log flume because me, and Ella were singing disney songs, and got told off by the controll lady.  

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