Thursday, 19 October 2017

Highlight of my holiday

Highlights of my holiday!!!
Image result for waitomo cavesOn thursday the 12th of October I went to the Waitomo caves to see the glow worms and they amazing to see, there were so many colours and they had string webs that hung down from the ceiling of the cave. We also did another cave called the Aranui cave where limestone rock have been created in the water by the crushed up shellfish shells. The limestone rock had been forming for hundreds of years even to make one little speck of it. It was such an amazing sight heaps of limestone that was made over hundreds of years seeing them in person it was a really cool experience especially how the limestone was made out of hundreds and thousands of them.

On friday the 13th of October I went to Candyland and I got heaps of candy for me and my family to eat I got sour worms, candy sticks, blackberry bats and candy men. When I went to the the checkout I saw the letter ‘B’ on a necklace and then I showed it to my grandma and she said “I guess you can have it” so we got it for ten dollars, it said buy one get one free so I got a bracelet made out of paua shells, which was secretly $20. But sadly Candyland is closing down in January next year so there was only a little bit of candy left in the boxes, so they didn’t bother refilling them up again.

Image result for silverdale adventure parkThe 14th of October I went to the Silverdale Adventure park because I was at my grandmas (who lives in Silverdale) the whole holidays. First I went on the tube slide which was cool but it was a bit slow so I went onto the vertical bungie 100 PERCENT!!, it was so high I went flying way above the poles and it felt like my stomach dropped and I was going to fly off the cord it was so high. When I was done I went on the zip line and it was where you lay down and go down that way it was so cool.

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