Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Edens Holiday

My Holiday was pretty trash, could’ve been more exciting and I could’ve done more. My brother came over for the first time since he left at the start of the year, My cousins were also over for the whole holiday so it was pretty cool seeing them, we went on walks and stuff, but that was really the only exciting thing that we did together. I just did some computer stuffs and edited some photos from boredom.
It was the second Sunday of the Holidays when Branden and I went to Isaiah’s house to go to the breakers game, we went to a park and ride when we saw a man racing down the ramp  to catch a train. Me and Branden saw an Iphone7 one the ground and Isaiah claimed to his dad that he had found it without crediting me or Branden, we eventually gave the phone back to his wife or partner who was looking for it and she called ISAIAH a “HERO”, but really me and Branden found the phone.
We got to the spark arena and found our seats, the dude on the mic announced the players and the stands roared with cheer. It was just as hype as the NBA apart from the game itself, there was only like one dunk and that was it, the rest were just brick three-pointers and airball fadeaways. My favourite part was the free food we got after, this lady just asked us do you want some free food ? so we pretty much raided the place of all their food and walk out of the stadium praying for a homeless person to give some food to. Lucky enough there was a homeless dude just down the road, he was grateful. Although the game was trash, it was still a good experience to go to a basketball game.
The rest of my holiday was just me editing photos for no reason, playing computer games and going on walks, I wish I had done more in that holiday, but there is always the 6 week holiday to do stuff in.

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