Thursday, 19 October 2017

Collier tournament

From the 9th of October through to the 15th the Annual U 13 Collier hockey tournament took place in Tauranga. My team and I departed from our home turf  on the Sunday morning preparing for the week ahead, and we arrived at our hotel, (Capri) that afternoon. Capri was situated across from Pilot bay beach, where our unliked morning runs took place each morning.
When we arrived everyone as on a high, and we unpacked all of our clothes etc in our hotel rooms for the week. I was in a cabin with Johanri, Shayne and Mr Fourie, (Our coach) and we were lucky enough to be on the top floor, with the best views which made walking up the extra set of stairs worth it.

Our first game for the day on Monday was against Wairarapa, followed by Tauranga in the afternoon. We knew they’d be extremely hard games however we prepared well and won 2-1 to wairarapa, and had an unfortunate 3-1 loss to Tauranga that night.  The next morning we were against North Harbour in the morning, and Nelson later that afternoon.

Earlier in the season we played North Harbour at Tri-series, and lost 1 - 0, however we’d never versed Nelson before, but we’d seen them around considering they were staying at our hotel.
We lost 4 - 0 to North Harbour, and were lucky enough get a 1 - 0 win over Nelson, and it was my first goal for the tournament. After our North Harbour game, we did a recovery session in the pool, and luckily it wasn’t as cold as we predicted.

We were in a pool with North Harbour, Tauranga, Wairarapa, Nelson and Mid Canterbury who we were versing on Wednesday.

We drawn with Mid Canterbury 1 - 1, however we were unlucky as we had possession of the game except we struggled to finish off. We definitely learnt from our shooting mistakes as we beat Otago in the playoffs 3 - 2. On Thursday we played Central Otago to see if we would play for either 9 and 10th place, or 11th and 12th. Unfortunately we lost 4 - 0 to Central and had to play for 11th and 12th against Wairarapa.

Throughout the week we did activites away from the turf including, Ten Pin Bowling, Mini Putt, Walks along the beach and around Mount Maunganui and buying delicious ice creams opposite Mount Maunganui!

Our last game as a team against Wairarapa was ended with a 1 - 1 draw, however we were lucky enough to come 11th instead of 12th considering we beat them earlier in the week.

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