Thursday, 19 October 2017

My Holidays

At the start of my holidays, I went down to a dog show in Manukau. It was really fun and I enjoyed the whole thing and as well seeing my mom's dream dog (Leonberger). They were all different dogs there like Gun dogs-Hungarian Vizsla, Bloodhound, Doberman etc, there were other groups called Terrier group, Hound group, Toy group, Utility group, Working group and Non-Sporting Group. The downside about the dog show was that it was pretty boring at some arts were the dogs just kept running around in a circle over and over again until the judge could make a decision but overall I really enjoyed it.

On Monday of the second week of the holidays, I finally had the chance to catch up with my old friend called Emma-Lee because she moved to Napier. Leah and I went to the mall to meet Emma-Lee there and then we went to the movies. At the movies Emma-lee and I decided we wanted to get a jumbo popcorn but it was the wrong thing to chose it was so big and we had no idea if we could eat it all turned out we could not and the rest of it ended up in the trash and it was 10 dollars what a rip off. After that, we went around and started to shop mainly at the dollar store because we weren't the richest of people at that time and ended up getting lots of slimes.

For Wednesday and Thursday, I went over to Leah’s for her first ever sleepover, we practiced dances and had a lot of fun staying up to 1:00am in the morning. We had the sleepover with some of her cousins at first I thought they were going to be really annoying but they were the complete opposite, they were entertaining and would do anything you said which made it even better.  

On the last 2 days of my holidays, I went to Taupo for my brother's soccer tournament and it was extremely fun. There was a bouncy pillow and I loved going but not when Matthew pushes me off. It was extremely fun in Taupo we saw all the snow on top of the mountains and I have always had a dream to touch snow but sadly I still haven't. Overall Callum's Football team came second in the under-seventeens and we are all very proud.

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