Sunday, 3 September 2017

World War lll

World War III

BANG!, POW! Crush. Sam’s watching the buildings falling down from the top of her “AAHHH” people are still in there screaming for their lives the sky went very gray, Sam can see bombs dropping down from the sky airplanes are surrounding Salt Lake city Utah, people are rushing out of there house’s driving out of Salt lake. Sam can see all the people running for their lives some screaming and some crying.

Russians are coming, there scaring everybody. Sams in heaps of shock she has never seen anything like this before, Sam started getting scared her face went red and her eyes started watering, then she ran off screaming. A Lot of the russians are terrorising the city the buildings are shattering again, the windows were falling on the ground smashing their way through the concrete little glass bits were falling onto Sams white feet. Sam had cuts through her feet they stung, like a gun just shot her through the legs.

Sam’s still running from all the people that have terrorised her city Russia has officially taken over Salt lake. The Russians started invading houses, stealing all the flatscreens and wallets that they can find. They are using the houses as bases to hide from New Zealand's troop patrol going around looking for russians invading houses, and people's privacy.

The Russians are starting to head to the white house, try to kidnap Donald Trump… he could do nothing but give up. It was the end of Donald trump, the NZ troops couldn’t save Salt Lake at all. Russia has taken over USA

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