Wednesday, 27 September 2017

World Destroyer
Time 6 am in the morning, waking up through the worst thing ever, seeing my world crumbling around me.  Everything falling everywhere in my room hearing children screams outside

I was shaking out of my boots, sweating from head to toe, thinking I am not going to make it.

I get up out of my bed and look out the window, this big blue thing was rushing to towards me.  My brain was freaking out, a little alarm went off I was in the middle of a tsunami.  I was not going to give up I was going to get out alive.  I look behind for one-second, boom, smash, crash.  Water rushing into my room I float up to the top, I could see everything moving in my room.  I had to get out my room was filling up with water.

I swim down to the bottom of my room and manage to open up my wooden door I get out into the main street.  I live in a small place and I thought that the first wave was big but when I looked behind me there was a wave that was taller than 100 sky towers and that is a lot.  I ran to the three story library and went up to the third floor.

I went straight to a little door, I opened it there was a vacuum, some boxes and a lot of dust.  I get in and move everything to the front to stop the door opening and water getting inside.

I laid down and thought of fun things. weird enough I feel to sleep.  Sssss ssss I woke up thinking I was in Hawaii on the beach, but no, I was still in a sticky cupboard.  I climbed back out.  The first thing that came to my mind was my family living up in one of the tallest hotels ever.  I run down to their place but I get stopped at the door by a policeman.  He said that they got everyone out, there are no more people in the hotel.

I run straight towards the crowd of people and start looking for my family.

But no, they were not there.  I asked if there was anyone that saw my family.  But no one had seen my family, I was heartbroken I slowly walked back down the old broken streets.

In the faint distance, I heard someone calling me, I know that voice.  I turned around and saw my mum, dad, sister, and brother.  I was so so happy, I run so fast I could've flown.

I went straight to them and said we have to get out of here, we all ran down to the airport

I said I can fly us anywhere, mum said New Zealand let's go. My dad said what we can’t just get on a plane and go to NZ.  I said to dad, do you want to stay here and die?  Fine

I get on the old rusty plane my heart was pounding and I 'm sweating like anything and I was scared that we were going to die but I didn't have a choice.  If I stay there would be no food, water, money, or house.  We would have to live on the streets, with nothing, that would not be fun.

We take off and I am nearly wetting myself I was so so scared.

2am.  Waking up to the weird noise, it was like someone screaming like they just saw a snake.
I got up and took a peek outside, I could see this big drink that said L& P, it was amazing.

I could see the airport and all the planes, I was so excited, I got all my things and stood up.  Ding boom and the big rubber tires hit the tarmac.  I fall over but all of my excitement took over everything.
The door opened and I was outside on New Zealand dirt, my life just got a whole lot better.

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