Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Unicorns are real
Once upon a time in a kingdom far away lived a land called unicorn valley, the king unicorn sat in his golden throne and ruled his kingdom in perfect harmony with his beautiful daughter Eva, Eva was only 13 she was still a small unicorn, she has long soft colorful rainbow hair and bright green eyes, Eva also had long pretty white wings. Eva loved to travel, and was very adventurous. The majestic atmosphere of the woods spread all around the castle. In those woods lived creatures of time unknown, the woods was the most rarest woods in the entire world with trees that could give magic blossoms, and rare fruit.       
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One day Eva got told to go into the woods to collect some fruit for some of her people, while Eva was flying to the woods she saw this shadow run across a tree to another she got very scared, so she decided to follow it.
She had finally reached somewhere where she can lay down, and relax after all she was flying really hard to follow this weird unknown shadow. There was this sign up above that said hollywood?. She went down onto the ground, thinking it was safe, and no one would hurt her, but really there were thousands of people waiting to see if this unicorn was real, as she was going down she saw her dad shout out to her up above, “NO DO NOT GO ONTO THE GROUND” but it was too late.

No one could save her. The humans realized that she was real, and decided to kill the poor unicorn, this did lead her to her death which was really upsetting. After that day the king unicorn went back to the castle he was really sad but when he had gotten in his castle the girl Eva was inside the castle, and had things set up saying HAPPY FOOLS DAY.  Everyone laughed, and lived happy ever after.         Image result for castle

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