Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The suicidal ducklings
Once upon a time there was a group of ducklings that would stroll around the streets together. They all don't care about what happens as they have no feelings because when they were born their parents had done the job. They had been suicidal for a while and they had their kids then jumped. They jumped off of a concrete wall  into nothing. The duckling are starting to get close with others in the streets because of how many time they enter. There is a doggy part that they are entering too many times they are getting use to it. They are dealing with people the same as them but they are making some bad decisions with the stupid ones. There are two stupid ducklings that would take whatever advice they get and there names were Ron and Jerald. Ron and Jerald were the ones who took any advice and listened and that was a problem when it came to their parent death because they were already on the same track.
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After they had finished with the bad ducks they had met people that meeting the same ideas in Jerald and Ron's head. They were cliff jumping as little ones learning how to fly but they knew they had never been able to learn. They all hang out together to keep safe ands support each other to stay happy about themselves. Ron was the worst because it ghads hit him and he would make the other feel bad about themselves for no reason and with that they weren't happy. Apart from the thoughts they have to get food for them with nothing so they need to find job but they can not work for stores with the attitude they have right now so they need to change. The smart one named jerry was working on something that would keep there head off the suicide but they took a while after being hit with it because of how strong it was they were out of it. Food and money was there jey so they went off and tried to find a job for each other to help out.

Image result for new jobRon was determined so he was off and ready started he had gone to many jobs already that he was accepted in 10 mins but Jerald was struggling in his eyes he didn’t see a changes because they would be stuck in the same place they were for the birth. The other were trying to tell him btu he only wanted a change in his life after their bad accident so he took Jerry with him to some stores. 5 mins into the travel he sore a store they went to all the time. So they did all the paperwork and then he got accepted and they were all proud because they kept it safe back at the house to make the 2 get their heads the problem. A few weeks later they had changed and they cames back home brand new especially Jerald he had made some money and came back with a lot of food. He almost got too much but also tried to help by getting them something to help transport but with them being new they were not earning to much money so when he blows up is wasting a lot. Unlike Ron he has been earning to much they have not seen him since because he move out and made his own moves.

Image result for suicidal ducklingsIt was a bad move Ron had done because now they are trusting one person to keep them safe. Jerald is really stupid so he will probably leave after he realises that Ron is not helping except donating to them. One year later Jerald had started to make his dream happen again because of something that Ron said over the phone he had set up for them and it was we are dead. That night Jerald did not come home after work so they went out on a adventure and found both of the lost ones except there was no one in sight. So they went to the famous place of where ducks are either learn to fly or kill them himself because of the message that he had sent to them as they thought is was kind of creepy. After they had left they saw two ducklings starting to jump out for the sky with no intentions on trying to fly out and save themselves. They ran to see where they were going to end up but since it was dark they could clearly not see so they had to go closer being careful of not pushing each other off.

Image result for suicidal ducklingsThey were all at the risk of there own death doing what they did but they did not want to have a bad job done after them so they left back home to think about what happened. After they had a talk about the night Ron girlfriends had left back home to be alone so the the ducks asked if she wanted to move in. She answered as she walked off and the answer was no but she wouldn’t of said that for no reason so the ducks had another job to do they had to figure out what Jerald and Ron are up to. The next morning you would expect the girl to be having a bad time but she was having the time of her life she had music play loud and her friends over with a welcome back sign out front. So they made their way in and asked questions till there wasn’t anymore and the answers made up she had no idea but she was reuniting her friends and family. That obviously meant them to do the duty and they all had the same job after what has happened there can be no more calm and peaceful ending to a duck so they all left off. They left off to the famous spot for the same idea they had and they went for it they all jumped one by one after each other but there was no screaming so they must have all been wanting to do the job. That was the end of the ducks apart from two because they had been doing a trick to see how they thought about the two weirdos and they obviously cared so they jumped and had fun while doing it.

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