Tuesday, 26 September 2017

The rise of the llama

The rise of the llama

Image result for derpy llamaWaldo was brought up on a farm with four older brothers and always picked. They always ate his grass and hay. Waldo was sick of it, one night he made a plane to run away from his farm and family. He ran and just kept running and arrived in New York City he went to a friends house. Waldo stayed there until he had enough money to buy his own house. There is a sloth that lives in South America. His family was all cops and they taught Dave to be the same smart, strong and patient. They all help each other to take down the bad person. The family of sloth moved to New York City to live for more work for the whole family.

Vector image of a round green frame with cartoon image of a cute light brown sloth in black-and-blue police uniform and a black cap with a donut in his paw on a white background. Police officer.Every Night Waldo thought about his brother and they took everything he worked hard for. Waldo was filled with hatred and wanted everyone pay for what his brother did to him. Waldo thought he would make a bomb and drop it on New York City.  Dave got a job as a police officer and his first day on the job was to locate Waldo and bring him in for questioning. Waldo Went to an abandoned warehouse and started making a bomb. Once he had finished making it he put it into his bag and took it home. Dave went to Waldo friends house and knocked on the door Waldo’s friend answered Dave Said “can I come in and look around”.

Yeah, he replied. Dave walked in and started looking for Waldo. He looked everywhere. He was about to give up when he found the bag. Dave picked it up and started walking out when Waldo came out of his room and said “that mine”.

Image result for cartoon fighter planeDave arrested Waldo and took him down to the station. Waldo was super mad now when he got out of prison he was definitely dropping the bomb on New York City.

Waldo got out of prison three months later. He went straight back to the warehouse and made another bomb but this one was way more powerful. He put it in the same bag. Waldo booked a skydiving plane to throw the bomb out of. When they were in the sky Waldo shoot all the people in the plane. Then Waldo got the bomb and was holding it over the edge. Out of nowhere there, the plane was shot out of the sky by Dave the sloth. Waldo dropped the bomb and it was going to hit the ground. When Dave the sloth caught it. The bomb was still live and could blow up any minute. So Dave got on a helicopter and fly to the middle of the ocean and dropped it and flew away.

Image result for cartoon people celebratingDave got off the helicopter and walked over to Waldo he said please turn around and put your hands behind your back. He took him to court. The judge rolled him guilty and for the rest of his life, he would be behind bars. Waldo’s family came to see him they were super angry at him but not as angry and Waldo was at his brothers. Dave went home and his parents and siblings congratulated him on bring down a big baddy and saving the whole city.  


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