Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The never ending war

          The never ending war

Once upon a time in the year 20097 there was a man named John he was forced into the United nations space command because of a war that broke out between planets.
John had his hair shaved off and got dressed in this heavy black armour to withstand space and a helmet with a visor that is hard to see out of and had to live on a spaceship called the forward unto dawn.

Every day John got up and walked around the ship doing his daily routines until one fateful day the forward unto dawn went inside a black hole halfway through the black hole closed and half of the forward unto dawn broke off leaving some of the soldiers in another side of the universe to die.
John felt bad for everyone on the other half of that ship then John realised that the rest of the ship is going to crash on a mysterious planet.
John woke up looked around he was lying down on the ground his ship was taken by the enemy along with the crew of the ship John saw some foot prints leading to a giant building so John followed them he found guns lying on the ground he picked some up and walked on.
When John finally reached the building it was already night he decided to make a fire and sleep until morning when John woke up he went inside the building to explore he found new technology that humans have not yet discovered suddenly an alien jumped out from behind a wall and was starting to shoot at John good thing John was wearing armour john shot the little alien knowing that there will be more.
Walking down this pathway John was having some flashbacks he was remembering his wife and his kids and how they react to knowing that there father is supposedly dead John heard screaming coming from an upper level John quickly ran as fast as he could killing as many alien’s as he could once john got up there he saw most of his crew dead except for one commander Jack he was badly hurt though then John saw a alien with what seems to be one of there torture devices John acted as fast as he could shoot the alien but the alarm sounded and the weapon fell on jack's face sadly jack did not survive.
John saw an escape pod John ran to it and jumped in he launched the pod and went into space.
He saw the planet go further away he Found another unsc space shuttle he got tractored inside the ship they then went back to earth but when they got back they saw that the earth was wrecked John looked around and saw no one he ran to his house and saw his wife and kids killed shot in the head John swore he would get his revenge.


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