Wednesday, 27 September 2017


Image result for Rebecca bloomwoodHer name was Rebecca bloomwood she had chocolate brown hair with brown eyes. Rebecca bloomwood was a type of girl that would spend hours upon hours at shopping malls looking for the perfect dress or for the perfect outfit. Every time Rebecca bloomwood would go to the mall or  any shop she would spend $1,000 just on a perfect outfit.

Rebecca bloomwood was late for work and she had the excuse my alarm didn't go off or my phone died so my alarm didn’t work but little do you know she was out shopping for the perfect outfit that she was going to be wearing to dinner she was going to later that day. Rebecca bloomwood would be late to work every single day for two weeks straight so one day her boss got sick and tired of her being late for work. He pulled her into his office and said you have one week to make it up to me for being late or something happens. After that week she was still making up excuses and being late so her boss pulled her into his office again and said what is the actual reason you are being late Rebecca would not talk so her boss said you are fired we are going to get a person that is better than you and that comes into work on time every day.

Image result for gray roofless carOnce Rebecca bloomwood got out of her boss's office she packed her stuff into a little box and left Before anyone could see her. She put the Boxes into the boot of her Grey roofless car. She speed off to her house dropped her things off and speed to the nearest shopping centre. For the people that don't know Rebecca bloomwood that well  when she gets angry she goes to the nearest shopping centre and buys $5,000 worth of clothes and shoes. After 3 weeks of going Shopping every single day Rebecca bloomwood got a text from the bank saying that she doesn't have a lot of money left in her card. But of course Rebecca bloomwood wouldn't listen to the messages and just pushed the delete button but 3 days after she got the message saying she doesn't have a lot of money left she went to the shop to buy some clothes but when she put the pin in it said access denied.

After 1 week of her not having any money she called her mum saying
“I have lost all my money, I lost my job and I don’t have anything”
Her mum said that
“Sorry darling I am flat broke as well I got kicked out of my apartment and now have no were to stay”
But little did you know her mum was lying to her because she is a billionaire and has a mansion but her mum just didn’t want to help Rebecca because of what she did 3 year ago And what  Rebecca did 3 years ago was left her mum to go and live with her boyfriend and not just that she ran away from home. 2 months after Rebecca's mum got the call from Rebecca she started feeling sorry for Rebecca and sent her $20 000,000 but of course Rebecca took that money to get her a new  apartment and the rest of the money went towards buying her clothes every day and when she is angry.

1 year after she got fired she was starting to sell her thing so that she can go live with her mum. She had sold all of her stuff and was just waiting for her house to get sold until one day she decided that she was going to apply for some jobs before she puts her house on sale. she stayed with a friend for two months while she was waiting for the jobs that she applied for to contact her back. after 3 months of waiting for the jobs to reply back she heard back from 3 of the 6 and didn't make it into any of those jobs two weeks after she heard back from the First 3 she heard back from the other 3 but only made it into one of them. She contacted her mum and said sorry mum at staying with you   any more I have got a job. The job is to be a cook on a boat.

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