Wednesday, 27 September 2017

An Explosion Downtown

An unexpected man has walking into the local bank, everyone thought he was just a normal man. It was a shining day, birds chippy, trees swaying, nothing could go wrong. Turns out he was up to something very dangerous. He waited in line for almost an hour and no one thought that he was suspicious. He was at the front on the line. “Hi there, what can I help you with.” said the lady behind the desk. “Over a thousand dollars, cash.” The man said in a deep, quiet voice so no one could hear him. “We can't just give you money!?” she replied. “FINE!” he yelled, everyone looked over to him. He unstrapped his jacket and pulled out the bomb. The doors were locked and everyone was stuck inside.

Meanwhile, in a apartment near the bank. An FBI agent named Jimmy was relaxing, watching his Netflix. Suddenly he got a phone called saying that he was needed urgently. He rushed down to the site, bricks everywhere, yellow tape around the property. Jimmy looked around, examining the area. “Suspects say that someone walked in and blew up the place. No cash was stolen.” Said Chief big Jones. “Thanks” replied Jimmy. Jimmy searched the area to find clues. Someone's jacket was left on the floor, he picked the jacket and saw someone's name and address on it. He went to the location at dawn.

It was an old, worn down house with shattered windows that have planks over them. Jimmy then walked up on a wire fence that looked like it was recently put up. He climbed the fence, he said to himself “This ain't going that bad” but then realises that he is been watch by 2 men outside the house. He was then captured and put in concrete cell with broken down electronics. Jimmy looked around and saw all the broken equipment. Jimmy thought “they must of had illegally made electronics to sell, but why did they go to the bank?” He then saw pieces he knew of. Jimmy then made a laser out of pieces of guns lying around. Jimmy saw a sniper he could fix. Meanwhile, Chief Big Jones was trying to call Jimmy. Jimmy never answered because he didn't have a phone at the time. Chief was trying to contact Jimmy about who the guy was and who was he working for.

Jimmy had got out of his cell and headed for the upper levels, searching for their leader. Guards were scattered all over the building. He then found where their leader, he could just hear him, their leader was talking about how they couldn't make money with all their cheap electronics. Jimmy pulled out his sniper and had a clear shot of their leader. “This is easy, how could I mess this up now?” He took his shot and killed him. Everyone started shouting and yelling. He jumped out the nearest window and funny enough there was a bouncy castle. HE RAN HIS HEART OUT AWAY FROM THAT PLACE. Turns out Chief Big Jones was waiting outside of the wire fence for him. “What are you doing here?” said Jimmy in Surprised tone.

Police slammed the door open wide, Chief Big Jones explained how they found out where their secret hideout was. He said to Jimmy that they made the guy, Robert, that had the bomb confess...and it was right next door to the bank. Jimmy said that they were making electronic devices and selling them illegally. Jimmy was too tired to get out of bed in the morning. Jimmy didn't know if he was going to confess that he brang the bomb. Chief Big Jones didn't know that it was a setup all this time.

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