Thursday, 31 August 2017

World war 3

World war 3

The world war 3 began when Kim Jong - un threatened Bill English that he was going to send a bomb through to New Zealand. Bill English wasn’t threatened though because he knew they had a safe protection of New Zealand that nobody was aloud to send anything dangerous through. But little did he know a big storm was rushing through to New Zealand. Just in case Bill English told all the protection people to be prepared because they never know what could happen. The protection people were warned but they were a bit worried for the safety of New Zealand they weren’t to sure if everyone was going to survive.

The day came when Kim Jong - un was going to send the bomb through he sent his army to go and bring in the bomb and the protection people got their army ready so that they were prepared for what was going to hit them. The battle started……… “Set, Pull, Fire” Announced the leader of Kim Jong - un’s army the bomb was released. Boom, bang, boosh! went the bomb, it exploded and it didn’t end up very well. Some of Kim Jong -un’s army even died and none of the NZ Army died they all survived except Kim Jong -un’s army.

Unfortunately They found some of New Zealand’s people dead after the explosion but most of the injured survived. The protection people were relieved that none of the NZ Army were dead but also sad that some of New Zealand’s Citizens were dead.

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