Tuesday, 22 August 2017

world war 2

World war 2

Everyday that I had of my life was taken for granted I didn’t know what I was thankful for until it was gone. The flashbacks and memories were horrific, I was scared for life. Of course I hadn’t known then that it would be coming, that it would almost take my life, and leave me with nothing. It was 1939 when it happened, it was a very normal day, I was packing my bag, sneaking in a few gum packets in the process, my favorite flavor, strawberrylicious. I kissed mum goodbye, giving her happy smile. James and I were almost out the door when an unfamiliar sound buzzed above us. Mums face immediately went pale. James and I were puzzled and nervous at mother's suddenly scared face. The sound grew louder, when it let out a burst.  An excruciatingly loud ring soured down. Mum grabbed our hands and ran off. I had never seen mum so mortified before. Dad ran after us holding our little sister Maggie in his arms. Emotions stirred inside of me, tears rolling uncontrollably down my cheeks. “Dear God oh glorious God, may you help us, help us to be calm and and become less scared, Lord I pray you to be with us at this scary time, and keep us safe in your arms”. We dropped into the cell, and firmly closed the door shut. Mother hugged us with wide loving arms. Dad joined over top, magie crying in his arms. It was this moment we had hear a loud crash, the ground shock, it was as if the world were to end.

Clambering out of the cell I remember the fear flowing all through my body. It was as if I was born into a crazy orphanage being beaten every time you were to be seen, like the one in the movie going solo. I looked over to see my mother crying on my Dad's shoulder, james gripped my hand tightly. I was just happy our whole family was safe. It was only a few minutes after the bomb had reached us, that we were informed that we had to flee our homes, to run off to a safer country. And not by car, but on foot. 10,000 miles, on foot, just to be somewhere safer. World war two was coming into play.

I had read a lot about the war and many of the things that happened back then were horrific and, unmentionable. And to have the same thing happen to us was a horror movie in itself. The adrenalin was rushing to me, frightened out of my mind, we packed our rations, and crept out of our home, on the walk to a new life.
Many days had passed since the bomb was dropped and the whole family was knacked. It was this day that I remembered the most, and the most painful, and heart breaking of all days. Walking along the railway track I remember talking to my older brother james, about the new country we would be staying in, when a loud crack was let out, a land mine had blown up right under my brother foot and had cut it clean off. The flashbacks were indescribable, the amount of fear that had surged through my body at that point in time was unreal. A shriek of terror brought the family to a hult. Father eyes increased in size, and my mother's, face grew pale white. In Search for a bandage we found a leaf and twig, and binded them around his legs. And although he was  paralyzed for life, he was not dead, and God had kept him safe, throughout the whole journey.

World war 2 was a terrible time, and not a matter to ever be laughing about. Hitler was a terrible man, to be unspoken about to anybody of any age. And when it was over, everybody had been pleased that he was dead, who would have thought that somebody commiting suacide, would bring so much peace and happieness to the world?

When this time had happened to me, yes of course I was scared, but knowing that God was by my side, was so much more powerful, than any bombs or gasses, or landmines. He was the creator of everything good, and much more powerful than anybody or anything living, and unliving. He had kept me safe, and my family safe. He is the reason I am her, and the reason I am still living today.


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