Thursday, 31 August 2017

world Destroyer
Time 6 am in the morning waking up through the worst thing ever seeing my world crumbling around me
Everything falling everywhere in my room hearing children screams outside

I was shaking out of my boats sweating from head to toe thinking I am not going to make it.

Image result for earthquakeMy room was falling to pieces and I was trying to get out before I was squashed by my draws.

I grab my jumper and run outside my room I was getting thrown around like a rag doll I still manage too rich for the door I drag myself through the black door and got out side. I was processing what had happened in my mind than a little thought went off
I was in the middle of a shocking earthquake.

I stood up and looked around
My heart stops for a second and I was shocked to see my whole town
 The first thing that came to mind was my up in one of the taste hotels ever.
I run down to their place but I got stopped at the door the policeman he said that they got everyone out there are no more people in the hotel.
I run straight to wounds the crowd of people and start looking for my family.

But no they were not there I asked if there was anyone that saw my family.
Image result for tall hotelBut no, Know one had seen, my family, I was heartbroken I slowly walked back down the old broken street.
Tick tick tick I heard a weird noise coming from behind me I saw the gas station going to explode I run down this alley was and take cover.
I hold my ears then boom I went flying down the alley street even more.
Alex, Alex I here in faint dissents are you ok I look up and wiped the black dust off. My eyes were blurry in dust I could see a shadow that I could remember.

Then a thought comes to mind that is my mum and dad I get up and shake all the dust of me I had to cover my mouth because I was finding it hard to breathe I run up too then I gave them a really big hug and said I missed you.

We quickly run out and started running down the street trying to get away from all of the kos we could not stop running we keep running until we could not see anyone.

We managed to run in till we got to the airport
I was inspired like really running that far was a really good

We saw this man in a trash bin we went up to him and said if he was ok he explained too as he was landing a plane and the earthquake started
He said lots of people died because they were at the back of the plane and it caught on fire but he was at the front so he could get out
He got in the bin because he was scared of what had happened.
I said could he fly as anywhere he said New Zealand let's go I said. my mum said what we can’t just get on a plane and go to NZ
Are mum do you want to stay here and die fine

Image result for l and p statueI get on the old Rusty plane my was pounding and I sweating like anything and I was scared that we were going to die but I did not have a choice if I stand it there would be no food, water, money, house, and we would have to live on the streets
With nothing That would not be fun

We take off and I am nearly wetting myself I was so so scared.
Waking up to the weirds nose it was like someone screaming like they just saw a snake.
I got up and took a pick out side I could see this big drink that said L AND P it was amazing

In the distance I could see the airport and all the planes I was so excited I got all my thing and stood up dying boom and the big rubber tires hit the run way.I fall over but all of my excitement took over everything
The door opened and I was out on NZ dirt my life just got a whole lot better.

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