Thursday, 31 August 2017

World war 2

It was a normal day with birds outside tweeting their hearts out I opened the blinds and looked outside only to see people running and screaming “WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!” I quickly shut the blinds and ran to my bedroom hoping this was all a dream.I got up 5 minutes later from hearing all the screams was just too much I looked outside once again only to see a plane flying high about 20 kilometers away from where I was standing, It dropped a bomb, the screams grew louder, and louder until I could feel it creeping down my spine. Around 30 seconds later when the first bomb was dropped I felt the aftershock it was crazy.I ran down into my basement with my brother Matthew you in case you were wondering I don't live alone.

We carried all our supplies and stocked them up in the basement Matthew knew what was going on he looked at the news and the news reporter said that problems were going on between different countries and now I think that we are starting world war 2. At the point I started to panic knowing what happened in world war 1, I felt a sudden pain in my stomach.We got the last of our supplies down into the basement. And that's when it happened we heard a plane flying high, it dropped a bomb that's when I knew it could be life or death situation Matthew and I huddled in the corner praying that it would not do any harm to me or Matthew.

We made it out alive but I think our house and everything will be grounded, we had an underground basement so it is more efficient for this kind of things but still not the best.Matthew had the idea to go out and look around but I knew that it was going to be radioactive so I knew it was best to stay in the underground bunker.3 days have passed but we still have enough supplies to last for another month. We can still hear people out on the streets screaming and slowly dying of radiation I felt scared knowing that this was happening and that the fact that we could die any moment from anything but still the worst was not over.

10 days have now passed and I start to hear people out on the street begging for mercy a little tear streamed down my face and quickly got wiped by Matthew “it's all going to be ok, don't worry” Matthew said to me and that's when I felt like everything was going to be ok. I felt like now we can go outside because we heard more people out on the streets but I still did not feel that comfortable to go out yet because I feel like there is still radioactive poisoning out there and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Day 20 and we are still up and running but our food supply is almost out so we are going to have to go and scavenge for food. I felt safe now and I took the first look outside of the bunker, there were dust and debri everywhere but you still can see, since I lived in the city there were lots of tall buildings around but not anymore everything was basically grounded apart from one or 2 buildings but they were severely damaged.Matthew was the first one to take the step out of the bunker and have a look around I decided to stay in the bunker with the food just in case if anything bad happens and people try taking our food.

7 hours have passed and Matthew just got back with some supplies he brought 3 bottles of water and 2 cans of baked beans “this will keep us alive for the next 4 days” It was the next day and now it was my turn to go out and look for food and water.I entered this damaged but still standing building I felt really uncomfortable but I have a hammer in one hand for self-defense if anyone comes at me, I turned one corner and found everything I have been looking for “SO MUCH FOOD” I screamed but immediately regretted it.

I heard someone say “someone's  here” in a very quiet voice that's when I ran up to all the food and stashed in my pockets and took all the things that I could possibly carry “WHAT ARE YOU DOING” some mad man came at me running as fast as he could with a knife I reacted quickly throwing the hammer striking him right in the head, he immediately collapsed I felt heart broken but I knew that I would rather live than die. I ran back to the bunker entering with lots of food and water Matthew was so happy “this could last us another 2 months” I felt so happy for what I had done but heart broken at the same time.

5 months have passed and more people came out but still people fought to the death and took their body as food now it was less than world war 2 it was more like riots and people killing each other because they think that there is going to be no more food for the rest of your life, fires have started and the buildings started to set on fire burning the remaining things to the ground.

3 years have passed we just ran out of food but still have water and we are getting skinnier things have happened in the past 2 years people started to make friends and we slowly regained strength and lived happily like we used to starting a family and living together until…….

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