Sunday, 27 August 2017

Image result for Gangsta GrannyWhat has happened so far is that granny has been court and she had to go to jail. before they go they looked around her house to see if there were anything there that they could say that she stole. but there was nothing but the Mr. Parker keeps saying that he knows that Ben and is granny were stealing something but he just does not know where it is. But the police said no they did not still anything and you will not be going to jail ma'am and Ben lets get these handcuffs off you thank you said granny and Ben. But  Mr. Parker got told to be quiet or he will be in jail. Things between him and his parents were good and they all loved each other now. On Christmas Eve, they saw the queen and she lived up her dress and showed all of then her underwear the mum and dad were shocked but Ben smiled and said she is a gangsta just like my granny.

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