Wednesday, 30 August 2017


The Tsunami is coming! 

Image result for san franciscoIt was July the 15th and everything was going well for the group of friends. In this group of friends there was Avansh he was super fast, Daniel he has the best luck ever, Zac is the smartest in the group and figures everything out and me coolest person and always wants to do the most dangerous things. The friends lived in San Francisco most of the time it was nice and sunny but in the winter it was brutal it snowed, rained and hailed. San Francisco had heaps of earthquakes that were very bad it made the buildings fall on people and it is a horrible time for everyone.

Image result for san andreas earthquakeOne day the group of friends was walking around the park kicking a soccer ball. They were having heaps of fun and then the ground started shaking and the ground cracked open and then all you could hear was people screaming in horror running for their lives then the shaking stopped. The friends ran home and stayed there. They turned on the TV and put it on the news channel and they said that there was more to come and much bigger and longer. There is a possible chance of a tsunami but not likely at this point. The friends felt a little better and a little safer. They sat down and the shaking started again the new’s said it was a 10.3 magnitude the whole building was shaking and other building had fallen over and the new said that there was a report of 63 people had died and the number was still on the rise. The friends through it would be safer in the park where there are no buildings. Another earthquake and heaps of people were running into their cars and driving to the airport to get out of the country.

Image result for san andreas tsunamiImage result for tsunami in san franciscoThey were running through the street and heard the tsunami siren and jumped into the boat and we started driving as fast as that boat could go. We couldn’t see this tsunami that they talked about so we kept going than when we were going under the Golden Gate bridge and then we could see the tsunami. It was massive it towered over the Golden Gate Bridge and was going to flood the whole city. We put the boat on full throttle and we road up the wave. We looked around and saw other boats getting flicked off the wave and people died. We saw the tsunami it was about to crash and flood the whole city. We got over the tsunami and watched it crash on the city. As the water calmed down, we drove back into the city. Daniel, Zac and Avansh got out of the boat to go and help people that were hurt and I stayed in the boat so they had somewhere safe to bring them to. They found about 15 people. Avansh went out to find some more people and an aftershock happen it shock the ground heaps and made that water choppy. Avansh tried to make it back to the boat. He made it back and we drove out of the city. We took the injured people to the hospital in a different state and then we headed to the nearest hotel and stayed there till San Francisco was safe again.  

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