Thursday, 31 August 2017

The world attacks
Image result for destroyed cartoon cityOne day there was a really bad city that kids did not like to live in and they wanted to leave or else they had a bad life. They had a bad life anyway because it was the worst city in the country as it was being attacked. People did not know who was attacking them because it was from many different countries and almost the entire world. Families were getting a lot of food ready for if anything happened because they never knew when there was going to have something happen there was shots now and then, but they didn’t know when they would start war.

Image result for army cartoonThey did not know any thing so they had to start as early as they could and they had to build a hideout for the town that they will be able to stay in while the war is happening because they will have their army but they have to make it nukeproof. It will need to be strong because they could be attacked at anytime and they will not be ready for it but they can't just live there with nothing for days so they need to get food but there will not be enough if they can tell the rest of the city so they had to spend all their money on everyone else but it was for a good cause. They Had to have strong defense since they had a big army on their backs that did not want the city to stand they were being attacked with little armies and then they had more people traveling.
Image result for cartoon eating

Now people started to come in groups they are filling in the space it is a big bunker that have their small little city in the bunker. They start to make everybody feel happy but also make sure that they are being nice to others in the bunker. They thought that was it until more people turned up and then they started to make the room disappear they were running out. There was no more room in the bunker so they had to separate it and have people help out on look out. People were helping until it go later into the week and they started to run out of food as they would be taking food to the soldiers as well. The food was a big deal because they must have had people eating more than what they were supposed to have and they needed to fix it.

Image result for war cartoonThey were working on the food situation until they realised that they had other people with them but miles away trying to kill them and destroy their broken city. They had to make that their number one priority they had to send out the soldiers so that they could attack and most of the group were soldiers trying to hide and keeps safe till they had to go and sacrifice. One by one they left the room to go and attack against the other people hoping to win with the fact that the whole world is on the other side of a little city army. Once they were out there was a lot of room left and who was left had to clean up and be ready for what ever happend because they were not looking for a win but they wanted to try and keep them self safe at least a little. Mothers with there kids were in her on the couches making sure that they were hearing the right things because of what could happen when our soldiers loose, but then there was one that said to every one leave and get out there was a big truck that had many seat taking them to a new town to make sure about the war. There people that wanted to make sure that we had back ups but the driver had started like a bus driver in the morning he had left who ever was not on he needed to get out. The driver was not some random he was one of the only/ best drivers in the city and he controlled all of the roads and lights. They had been told the excellent news on the way to the new town that they

won but they were not turning around they left and carried on.
Image result for cartoon victoryAfter war all of the new and old original had made it home safe but it was a new home and the had not been here for any to the same time so they had been sent to a new city. Now they should be safe for another 3 years until they find out people are living still because it was a big war. The new city is a lot better and has many more places and room for people so there is going to be a lot more people that show up on holiday .

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