Sunday, 27 August 2017

The three savage pigs

The three savage pigs

Image result for big bad wolf cartoonOnce upon a time in Wattle Downs, there were three savage pigs, name Owen, Daniel and Jordan. Owen was one of the fastest pig, Jordan was the smartest pig and Daniel is the pig who thinks he’s the coolest. It was a Saturday morning, the birds were singing and everything was normal. Daniel, Owen and Jordan were just playing around in the street, but Daniel told us that it was a good idea to go to the beach. We had nowhere else to go because our mum had kicked us out of the house. So we made our way to the beach we thought it was a bad idea but we went. The big bad wolf that lived at the beach. Even though everybody knew that he was the boss of the beach and that no one could go on his beach, otherwise he would eat them.

Image result for three little pigs cartoonWe walk down the hill to see the beach, we look down the hill and there was no big bad wolf. We started sprinting as fast as we can down the hill and started to play in the water and the sand. We look behind us and the wolf was standing there on his hind legs, saliva dripping out of his mouth and staring right into our eyes. We all ran as fast as we can into the bushes to try and hide from the wolf. 10 minutes had passed, and we couldn’t see the wolf anywhere. We hopped out of the bushes and looked around, we can see a family on the beach we look around and look back and the big bad wolf was eating them we took that chance to run and start to build our houses.  

Daniel started to build his house out of sand and shells, Owen started building his out of sticks and leaves and the only smart one Jordan started building his house rocks and logs.
Image result for beach cartoonThe wolf started to see the three savage pigs starting to build the there house, but the wolf thought that he should let the pigs build the houses, to make it a challenge for him. Daniel made his sand castle and moved in. He decorated his house with shells. Owen made his house out of sticks and leaves then he made a bed of mud and hid in his bed and hoped the big bad wolf didn’t see him. Jordan had a blueprint of what his house was going to be like and he started building it was three stories high with snipers on the top of his house.

The big bad wolf charged his way into the sea and grabbed a bucket of water and poured it on Daniels sand castle and it started falling and Daniel sprinted for his life to Owen’s house. He made it to Owen’s house and he ran inside. The big bad wolf ran towards Owen’s house and poured lighter fluid on it then started burning it. He climbed out of Owen’s pile of sticks and ran to Jordan’s house. They ran into Jordan’s house and locked the doors and the windows. All three pigs looked out the window searching for the big bad wolf they were looking all around for him but they couldn’t see him anywhere. Then the three little pigs heard noises coming from the roof all of a sudden he dropped down the chimney and said “now I got you little pigs”.

The three little pigs had a shotgun and when the big bad wolf walked into the house and the three pig open fire on the wolf and ate him for dinner.               

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