Sunday, 21 August 2016

The three little monkeys

The three little monkeys
Online there were three little monkeys that were always online playing games with other people that they did not know. They were playing heaps of games going on and offline when they met someone named sugarlove 123. Sugarlove 123's profile was a cute girl monkey, with brown fur and lipstick on her face. Her profile said the message, message me and I will meet up with you. They thought that she was cute and wanted to play with her, so they did. They really wanted to message her, but didnt know how to do it so they waited and waited, she said that she is going to play some roblox and she's going to go. So they knew that they had to make a move so they messaged her, and waited about one min and started spamming her.

Sugarlove 123 got so triggered at them because they were spamming, she said that “IF YOU DON'T LEAVE ME ALONE I WILL BLOW UP YOUR HOUSE”.

They didn't believe sugarlove 123 because she was someone on line, so they kept on spamming her, she got so mad and reported the comment to spam, bozzo 123 got banned from the dm on instagram and went to his brothers house to spam her some more. It was very good that bozzo 123 got out of the house in the nik of time because his house blew up with a nuke that sugarlove 123 said she bought off trade me. But the monkeys did not give up. They had to find someway to set a bot and start spamming her again and getting ready for what she will send next. But there was one monkey that did not want to spam her because Tickles wanted to meet her in real life because Tickles liked her profile picture. Tickles 456 was the one that needed to have someone in his life because he did not know how to talk to girls. The monkeys went to bed and fell asleep and then tickles 456 went on the phone and she had messaged back saying “I will find you”.

Tickles then woke up all of the other monkeys and told them the message that sugarlove 123 sent. So they decided to make a even bigger move they all left there things and started the adventure to some new houses. After nights the monkeys found the  spot it was a bit out of there style it was a dark place as it was abandoned years ago but there was one house with three  different stories they set up because  they left their junk in the alley. They knew they would be safe as it was in the middle of nowhere  so they had started to make a big investment and they bought TV, computers, and furniture. They did not need this stuff but they decided as  they would get bored because of where they live and there's nothing to do. The monkeys thought that they could do what they want because they were by them self but one night jeffrey 789 heard noise from the house next door that they thought was abandoned so they listen out if they could hear anything but they could not hear anyone at the other house.

There was no one else at the house but there was still the music and noises, they heard one big noise which set them off they had not got any sleep that night as they were staying up to make sure that no one was going to break into there house. Tickles was the wimp and he was in the room without any of the monkey until there was a knock on the door then he jumped up and ran down stairs an opened the door as fast as he could until they found what they were looking for there were 4 bigger monkeys standing with a small monkey that tickles recognised it was sugar love 123.
“sugarlove we have finally met but what are these guy doing” tickles shouted.

But that's where it had started sugar love had sent the big monkey to kill the three brothers so they ran up to there room and hid because they knew what she was trying to do, but they were also wondering if she was the one making all the noise. Sugar love wanted them dead after what they did so the monkey searched the house but the three little brothers had a plan they had something that they earnt from there recent event that they were at they threw at the ground as hard as they could and it did its magic. Sugar love had stayed down stair hoping that they would be killed so when the big monkeys were turned on her she had nothing to do except run. The monkeys seemed like they really wanted her dead though they were running at their full potential and she was corned with four monkey in front of her not moving a single muscle until she decide to give up , but the monkeys did not fall for it instead they shot and had the best aim they could ever have they  had got her in four different places and just to make sure she was dead they threw her off the cliff. The monkeys were happy that they did not need to deal with that any more and also found the other 4 a home next door, they would all have a night were they would play game with each other and compete in challenges.

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