Monday, 21 August 2017

The Three Big Fat Pigs by Robbie,Mason and

Once upon a time, there was three pig’s named Jeff, Bob and Doug they were round pink and fat. They lived out in the country in a small cottage with their Mum and Dad. They loved baking cakes with their Mum because they got to eat one huge cake each every single day.

One day their parents told them that they were getting too big to live in their small cottage (Literary they couldn’t even fit through the doors). Doug said, “ But we can’t go because who will feed us chocolate cake”. “You are too big to live in our cottage and you three are old enough to care for your selfs” Yelled Mama Pig. So Papa Pig gets a chainsaw so that he can saw down the door so that the Three Big Fat Pigs can leave the cottage. The Three Big Fat Pigs called the Fat Taxi (it is for people that can't fit in normal taxis). They Arrived at the big capital city and Doug started asking every person he saw “where to find a house” they all replied Big Wolf CO there were posters all over the city.
Jeff walked off because he could smell sweet chicken pie, Bob tried to stop him till he was mesmerized by the smell and soon after Doug followed.
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They had just eaten their chicken pies and they saw a huge building in front of them called Big Wolf co. Bob said, “come on this is how we're going to find a house.” They walked into the huge building trying to look for The Wolf. They walked up to the receptionist and asked: “Where is The Wolf” “You're talking about Mr. Big Bad Wolf ok top floor” whispered the receptionist. So they fat trio walked to the elevator and they tried to squeeze into the elevator with the janitor inside. The ride was long and painful because the elevator was too small for the three fat pigs and the janitor. The elevator finally opened at the top floor and came out was three fat pigs rolling onto the floor and smashed into the Big Wolf’s office. The Wolf was busy smoking a cigar talking to his accountant. The Pigs oinked at The Wolf, The Wolf Screamed “MMMUUUMMMYYY”. The Three Pigs Yelled out a cross. the long office “We need three big big big houses, do you got that Mr. Wolf”.
“Come here and I will get the contract for your house’s sorted” Yelled The Wolf The Three Fat Pigs
So the wolf and the three fat pigs got the contract but it took nearly 4 hours because the two of the pigs didn’t  go to school so they didn’t know how to write their names so they scribbled with chocolate biscuits. The Wolf stared at them saying “here are your keys and this is the address of your house’s, they are all next to each other. Good day oh and goodbye!!!”. The Three Big Fat Pigs decided to go straight to their house without the keys so they had to come back to the Wolf CO building squeeze inside the elevator and get  the keys and then go all the way back to the house, to be honest with
you they stop off at about fifty seven bakery’s for a big snack of four pies, Two milkshakes and seven chicken wings each. They finally got to there small little house’s all lined up with each other they were neighbors and brothers at the same time.

A couple of months later they had moved in with a tv a couch and every other room full of food so they lived a lazy life. Until they went outside to get more food to eat then they saw that most of the house around their street where being knocked down. They saw the owners of the houses walking off with lots of money in their hands, Then out of know where The Wolf popped up in front of them and said “hows your house going, by the way, we need to destroy it to make a huge pork chops factory so if you would like you can leave with one billion dollars or become the next big family meal”. “Neither,” said Bob “we want to stay in our house’s we have a great life eating food watching tv”.  “Well in that case…Bye has a nice day”. The Pigs look at one another and went back inside Bob's house and they planned to get food without the wolf knowing (they thought that The Wolf had a problem with them eating food). So that night that snuck out and got into a taxi called Wolf’s Taxi. They went to the supermarket then got 5 of every item and ran home with stacks of food hoping that the wolf wouldn't notice. In the morning they had eaten all the food they had brought celebrating that they got food without the wolf knowing. They heard big rumbling sounds they looked out the window to see the wolf in a wrecking ball and saying “I will laugh and coff and nock your house’s down”. “Not on the food in out tummy tum tum” Yelled The Three Big Fat Pigs. They wolf started to count down from one hundred. Bob said, “To the roof, there is only one thing we can do”. They went to the roof and held hands and jumped off of the roof onto the wolf and the wrecking ball. “BBBAAANNNGGG!!!”went The Pigs. “AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!” screamed The Wolf. The Pigs had pulled the wolfs rail off and he ran off screaming mummy but the wolf had dropped the deed to Wolf co. The Pigs took it and then changed it to Pig CO owner of all. The lived happily ever after.

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