Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The takeover

I wake up, however I feel like my eyes haven't and i'm still watching Batman from last night. Although, I soon realized that what I was watching was reality. Bricks, walls and even people begin to fall, and a gang of black masked bandits are trying to take Auckland university's Territory. They are shooting in all directions and people are running for there lives. Students are running riot, and the buildings are collapsing on top of one another. Casey, Katie and Camille are all as frightened as I am and we instantly leave our dorm scramming for the nearest exit, not knowing what there reason for all this chaos really is.

The hallway was packed and there was tall men covered fully in black clothes, who were all holding a gun each. They were guarding all the clear exits which made everything ten times harder in our plan to escape. The noise was consistent, and we often came across dead bodies on our run down the long hallway, which made my facials twist and a frown emerge. “Why don’t we sneak up on the small guard from behind and run down the stairs”, said Camille with her unrealistic comment. “No, lets wait for someone to go near him which makes him leave the door, then we move”, screamed Casey over the loud screaming coming from every corner. Following that comment we silently tucked around a corner in a single file hoping we wouldn't be spotted before we ran for the door.

Luckily for us, the guard moved from his area when he thought there was no longer people in the hallway. However we were still hiding by dorm 234, (the one opposite ours). Camille had her eyes glued to the door, and when he left she was quick to inform us. “Guys lets go he's gone”. We reached the door and all that stood between us with reaching freedom was a door situated on the left side. However, we saw a timer on the door, which we thought when it ended may go off with explosives. “Just go straight, the timer says 3 minutes and you never no what may happen if we go in that direction”, I said having to put up with Casey rolling her beady eyes as she thinks we should just take the risk. We carried on frantically running towards the door and as soon as we got close a gunshot came from the other end of the hallway, and we knew they were on to us. Fortunately he missed considering  we were  far away, and the gunman had hideous aiming which nobody should be proud of. When we opened the door we step outside, and we were now out of the chaos. We didn’t know what we were going to do from here, but all we knew was we weren't going back.


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