Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Invasion of Aliens!!!
It was the year 1999. The city of Blackridgemountain was built at the edge of a lush jungle and is truly a fully modernized metropolis. Its wonder is matched by the backdrop of a gentle mountain, which have helped shape the city to what it is today. The resources these mountains brought to the city were of great importance because it meant the survival of the city. In the city there is a boy named Sebastian Evatt, he is the most popular boy in college and in the whole entire city. He has blonde, wavy hair that hangs over a strong, menacing face. Dark stubble graciously compliments his eyes and mouth and leaves a heartbreaking memory of his adventurous life. He was always the one who had made friends and who had cared for each and everyone. His family was his life and he would risk everything for them, even lay down his life for his family.
Sebastian was getting ready for his first day back at college as it was the holidays. As he was arriving at college, he suddenly feels a sudden movement, that had made him fall. He looks everywhere to see if everyone is ok. He feels the rumble, everyone is scared and frightened. He felt the rumble again and when he looked down the ground had cracked. He looked in the sky to see if any buildings had fallen. As soon as he looked, all he could hear was a ‘BOOM’. When Sebastian heard the BOOM, he ran to the hall at his college. As he walked in, it was all silent. Somebody next to him said to be quiet and then said: “look up”. As soon as Sebastian looked up, he started sprinting out the door. All he could remember was that it was green and had a person in its mouth. But what Sebastian didn’t know is that all of them had wings. All of these creatures had been chasing him and as soon as they started to catch up, he tripped over a rock. He didn’t have anything to back him up. They came closer and closer with sharp teeth like a great white shark and tried to eat him.

As soon as Sebastian looked up everything was strange and weird because he had noticed something about these creatures. He remembered reading his comic in bed about ‘Aliens destroying the world’ ( that was the title ). He remembered everything about the comic. He even remembered the characters, and as soon as they started to come closer. They were the aliens from the book. These aliens had two clawed arms, and two legs with a weak skinny tail. He had saw two rocks next to him, he thought of an idea. Though the aliens had bitten his left leg and had left a bite mark and a blood pool beside him. He was aching in pain. Sebastian knows where to hit them he just needs a distraction. ( Those were the only two aliens at his college ). Someone in the hall had screamed so loud it had grabbed their attention. Sebastian had grabbed the rocks and threw it directly into their heart. As soon as he threw the rocks into their heart, a whole lot of green mucus spirited out of the alien.

Sebastian had been screaming for help, and lucky enough his mate Carter heard him screaming for help. He had brought a first aid kit to stop the bleeding. Carter bandaged his left leg  to stop the flow of bleeding. Carter had asked him to join his journey because if Sebastian is alone he will not survive because of his leg and it will probably be hard to move. Sebastian had answered him with a yes, because he does not want to be alone with this trip, and he also doesn’t want to get killed.

Sebastian had stayed in college, to make sure everyone was safe. As soon as he walked into the hall, he remembered all about his family. He called his mum to see if she was ok, she didn’t pick up. He called his dad to see if he knew what was happening, he didn’t pick up as well. Sebastian was feeling worried about his family because he loved his family so much. Sebastian had got up on stage and yelled out to everyone, stand in age groups. Everyone had listened because they didn’t want to die. Sebastian had shouted to everyone saying that “if you ever see one of the aliens or what you just saw, you throw a rock or anything at its heart. If you throw anything at its head body or just anywhere apart from the heart, it will scream so loud. You will get a flashback of your worst nightmare”. Everyone had freaked out when he said that, they couldn’t handle the aliens at all but they will just have to remember. Sebastian had got off the stage and went around the crash to see if the aliens had left anything behind, so that Sebastian can experiment on it. The students had still been standing in line, Sebastian had split them up so they can go different paths.

As soon as they had got split up, they had went all around their college to see if there is any food around their college. Sebastian had picked up as many things as he could so he could survive. You could not share anything you had found. Everyone had put everything they could find in their bags to carry it. As soon as they were ready, they had started their journey. Sebastian wanted to go home to see if his parent were still alive, so he went alone. He started walking like he was a zombie. His leg was still in pain and was still probably bleeding. As soon as he walked into the city it was all chaos. Buildings had fallen and people were still fighting back. Sebastian had felt really bad because he worries that they cannot fight them. An alien had screamed, Sebastian was dizzy and had fainted.

The room was dark, and silent. No one was in the room apart from Sebastian, it was raining outside. BOOM, all the lights had turned on. He looked around and saw everyone crying, in the middle of the room there was two coffins. He wondered who were in the coffins, and what was he doing there. He couldn’t understand why he was there, how he got there, and where was he before. He moved slowly towards the coffins, immediately he stepped back to what he saw. He had to process this in his mind, what did he see, this cannot be his mum and dad. He had to concentrate, he had to try and remember where he was before this? He thought to himself this cannot be real. He felt pain in his leg, he looked down, and saw it was bandaged. He saw blood stained bandage, wrapped around his leg. His eyes started to swell up with tears, he wiped them and said to himself “ this is not true” repeatedly. He started to remember everything, and flashed back to where he was.

He had remembered everything apart from the flash back. He saw everyone fighting back, he then ran home to see if his parents were alive. His cell phone had died and he could barely breathe with smoke in the air. As Sebastian was running he had saw blood dripping from his leg. No one was with him, Sebastian had told no one to come along with him. Luckily he had his survival kit in his bag. He brought out the first aid kit and re- bandaged his leg. He didn’t want to scream, so that no one would pay attention to him. As soon as Sebastian took of the old bandaged he looked at his and it had look like it is getting even worse than before. He wrapped it round and round again and tied a knot to it, to make sure no blood will ever drip or come out. He started to sprint because he could see his home, as soon as he walked onto the pathway he saw blood everywhere.

He knocked on the door to see if anyone was home, instead he just walked inside. As soon as he walked inside, he immediately stepped back. He was horrified to what he saw, he had to process this in his mind to believe it wasn’t true. He was blinking repeatedly and had said to himself “why is this happening to me”. He didn’t want to believe it, but he had to. He blinked 3 more times to see if this wasn’t true. His mum and dad had died. He started crying, and had just left his family there. He sprinted back to the city, and to what he saw, he couldn’t believe it.

ALL THE ALIENS WERE KILLED!!! Sebastian had saw his college in the city, his friend Carter had explained everything to him. He was relieved to what he saw, he was filled with joy but also sadness still in him. His mate Carter had said to him “ we all went pass your house and saw your mum and dad dead, we all knew what you said about the aliens, and we all had fought them with the rocks and glass on the ground. We had all thought about you and your family, so we did what we had to do”. And all he could do was celebrate. He knows that most of the buildings had fallen, but a lot of people were still alive. He had yelled out to everyone so that they can spread the word. “There are plenty of people left, and there are some that have died, we will still remember those especially our loved ones. But inside of us they will be there and everywhere. We all can still build and still do our jobs, well some of us. And we can still build, but for now on it's a new generation.

Sebastian had ran back to his home and cleaned everything up with the help of his whole college ( most of them ) they had carried the bodies into bed. He had still wanted to live, so he can feel like they had never died.

3 Years Later…

Everything was built and everything had been fixed up, it was like everyone was a family. Every had forgotten about that whole alien destruction and had moved on. My mate Carter and his mum and dad had moved into my place because I was feeling a bit lonely. But for once in my life, it is really fun having a roommate. I act like he is my little brother, his parents lives in the guest room, and I think is  there's now. Sebastian always checks on his parents, he sits there and speaks to them for a whole 3 hours everyday about his day, he just doesn’t want them to be left out.

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