Thursday, 31 August 2017

The Great Korean War
It was an ordinary day in the city of San Andreas, I heard someone calling my name “James ! James !” I turned around in frustration “What !?”, I realised that I needed to get home by 5 - Once I was home, I called my friends Dallas and Johnny for a chat … Neither of us were looking forward to school. School wasn’t as boring as usual because it was a Friday, but just something felt off. I could feel the ground vibrating, each vibration coming about 4 seconds after another - It must have been the nearby San Andreas Airport.

I woke up in at 5AM, My mother was there in front of me “JAMES WAKE UP!”. I could hear sirens, as if there was a tsunami - Helicopters EVERYWHERE. I can hear people in the distance panicking and evacuating from their houses into large cargo helicopters, I ask my mother “what is going on ?” - she paused, looked at me and said “The North Korean army is attacking, everyone over 17 has to fight for our country” she paused again “that includes you son, all army soldiers have to report to the Airport before 7AM prepped for battle”  Turns out that the whole rest of the country had been under attack and going through all out war with North Korea… The American Army has to make their way to New York, which means I have to leave my Mother behind in San Andreas - She will be safe in an underground bunker though with lots of resources with lots of other people to keep her company. So we left at 7:07 in the morning as the last soldier got on the helicopter

In New York, there was smoke everywhere, and there were little flashes of gunfire going on down in the smoke. We had been told by the soldiers in washington that Donald Trump was killed, no one cared, he was the one who caused the problem. We saw a Helicopter get shot down by a rocket launcher, next thing you know - our helicopter is falling to the ground - we had been shot down. The plane was plummeting towards the ground, I thought it was the end… But I survived along with some other soldiers. After a few minutes - a rescue team came to get us, they took us to the curb and gave an injection, I don't know what it was but it made me feel better. We went on to battle, I took out one guy with a grenade and another with my shotgun. We found some survivors in a nearby building and we carried them with us, all of a sudden I hear one gunshot and some cheering following immediatly after it - It was over, we had won the war… We jump on the cargo helicopter and drop soldiers off back home.

We arrived at the community hideout everyone was crying and were reunited with thier families, here I was crying - I couldn’t find my mother. I asked the young woman who was sitting at the reception desk “Is there a Maria Carter here ?”. She looked at me in shock, she looked down - “Maria Carter is dead, she went with a group to collect more food - she got caught under a falling building”. I walked outside and I sobbed, I sobbed for what seemed like years, I had to man up and take it - My mother was dead. Most parts of America were destroyed and had to be repaired, we started again, we rebuilt it. We knew it was going to take a while, but we needed our city back, we needed America back. . .

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