Thursday, 31 August 2017

The evil twin.

It was the year of 1999. Mr. sampson and his wife mrs. sampson were very happy, as they had just received their new born baby twins. They were filled with so much Joy, when they had noticed that there was something wrong with one of their baby girls. Rushed home, took their stuff and walked away abandoning one of their precious babies behind.

I never knew much about my twin sister, all I knew is that her name was charlotte and that we got separated at birth because there was something wrong with her. It killed me at the fact that I couldn’t see her or know about her, let alone talk to her. Whenever I brought her name up around my parents  they would freak. Why wouldn’t they tell me the truth about her,, or speak of her in anyway. However I was always going to be related to her, and we would always be true sisters by blood. It shock me to say if she were to ever be apart of the family.

I’m Lauren, I am in yr 12 at high school (the baby in the class), I only have 1 ½  years left there, fortunately. I hated that place although I was one of the smartest students. I also dreaded the moment when I was called the cute little pocket rocket just because I was small for my age. I am a very resilient girl, and despite my height, I get things done very easily. My sparkly blue eyes and sandy blonde hair made people jealous of my good looks.  Me and my friends had the best life ever, hanging out every weekend, chatting and partying getting the grove on.I  was so grateful for the life my family and friends had given me, but there was something missing in me. The fact that I didn’t have my sister by my side, to grow up  almost 16 yr with out your soul mate is tough.I know that one day I will have to get over it but it is hard to forget something that important to you.

Just your average saturday morning I woke up to the bright sun shining through my window. Rubbing my eyes, and seeing the clear sky, I knew it would be a fine day ahead of me. I grabbed my bathrobe,  and lazily put it on. I headed for the stairs, taking every step, with no care. Even though walking is easy for most people, it is like a death sentence for me, I have two left feet, and almost everytime fall down the stairs. Sighing I stumbled down the stairs, and hit my head on the floor below.After breakfast I felt more awake and went back upstairs  and pampered  myself for my big day ahead. I rushed down stairs, almost falling over (again), grabbed my car keys and hopped in the car, and excitedly headed off to my favorite place in the world, the mall!

10:30 am and I had finally arrived at the mall ready to do some serious shopping.Shopping was apart of my everyday routine,It was my daily workout lifting huge amounts of bags and filled to the very brim.
A new shop had just opened and I went in to have just a little noisey to see the girl behind the counter looked exactly like me,The first thought rushed to my head saying “she was my twin” but I knew there was little to no chance of being true.however the more I thought about it the more positive I was I to find if it was true,Well I guess it's now left to my parents.I rushed home to tell them but the more I pushed them the more they refused.This conversation wasn’t going anywhere, so I took matters into my own hands.

The next morning I woke up at dawn.Heading to my car the shivers ran down my back it was so cold at this time of morning.When I had arrived at the mall it had just open and ran straight to the shop she worked at right on time as Charlotte had just arrived.Trying not to act to suspicious she walked around acting like she was shopping within 5 minutes she had already picked out some things that she liked and headed up to the counter to realise that charlotte was there.

I put my head down hoping she would notice that we looked alike.Slowly I grabbed my things out from the basket and put it onto the counter,I looked up for the slightest second and we were looking each other eye to eye.I couldn’t stop looking at her it felt like there was a special connection.

“Hello Im Lauren” I told her.
“Hi im charlotte” she replied and I froze in silence.
“What’s wrong” She asked confused.
“Oh nothing, I just once had a twin sister called Charlotte”I replied
“I was once separated from my twin at birth” she said back to me.
How could this be possible I mean we did look alike, has the same background story, and her name was what my parents told me .The more I concentrated on her the more I realized something wasn’t all there with her I couldn’t quite figure out what it what but knowing the person I am I had to get to the bottom of it.I stuck around at the mall until the shops started closing,This was my time I waited till she walked out of the shop and started following her, I didn’t have much or a plan so I was just going along with my actions.

I had followed her all they way to what I think is her house,she walked in the door to someone waiting for her.A window was open upstairs so I climbed up the pipe and jumped in.I sat at the stairs watching and listening to see if I could understand anything.

A box labels bombs,my heart stopped and stomach dropped I didn’t know what someone would want to do with stuff like bombs,I kept watching until I heard her say

“Tomorrow When I get the chance to get rid of my sister and be my parents favourite I WILL” This got me nervous so I jumped out the window and left rushing away in my car.

The next day  I went back to her house and was prepared to follow her again.This time she was going in the direction to my house, the closer she got the more scared I was,when she pulled up at my house, I ran around the back door and told my parents that my psycho sister was out to kill me so she could be the favourite,the rushed out the back door but by the time I was almost about to go out the bomb Had gone off.

I feel to the ground unconscious with a sore head and when I woke up I found that my dad had stopped her from going anywhere,He called the police and they were on the way they grabbed her and off she was to the police station, now we don't have to worry about her but now we have to worry about our destroyed  house.

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