Sunday, 27 August 2017

Term 2 sports updates - Communications portfolio

Netball :
On the 30th of June, the year 7 and 8 netball teams participated in the Central Counties Netball competition, which was held at Browns Road Netball Courts. There was a girls and a boys team for each year that participated, and we were the only school to have had all teams qualify for the next round. Counties  will be held at Bruce Pulman Park, on week 2 of Term 3 .
Students were coached either by Mr Fourie, Mr Munro, Miss Kopier or Mrs Fourie throughout the day.
Both boy teams were the winners of their competition and the girls teams both came third.
Well done to all teams, and good luck for the next competition!

Disco -
On the 30th of June, the Aims games disco took part in the hall from 6:30, till 8:00. This disco was especially a fundraiser for Aims Games students, and it was only fitting to have the dress code in sports clothes. Throughout the night, students would be offered a prize if they were chosen as one of the best dressed, something that isn’t offered at other discos. Towards the end of the disco, the aims games teams were asked to join in with a dance off against other teams, and the dance team clearly won due to their dancing skills. Throughout the night glow sticks were sold, alongside lemonade, a sausage and a chip packet which was offered through their entry. There was also another competition throughout the night, and the class that had the most students attend, one a free pizza lunch for their class. Room 7 clearly won the prize.

On Friday the 16th of June the year 7 & 8 Hockey teams went to the central counties tournament held at Strathallan.  Fellow schools that were competing included The Gardens and Wiri central and us of course.  The scores for the girls included :
6-0 win against The Gardens.
7-0 win against Wiri central.
The boys scores :
7- 0 win against The Gardens,
9 - 0  win against Wiri Central.

There was much laughter on the fields, and happy smiles were shared when someone scored a goal. Everyone did an exceptional job. It was such a great experience, and everyone enjoyed it. We would like to thank Mr Fourie and Mr Munro for helping us get to this level, and are excited to go to the next round, (Counties).  We also got voted for the sportsmanship award which we never rarely get..

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