Sunday, 27 August 2017

super hero writing

Once upon time in the year of 1927 the was a girl named Sky wings, one day she was going for a fly around the city she had moved to the day before and all of a sudden she bumped it this guy bobby, she thought was good looking. But under all of his good looking ness he was not so good looking and was evil. He was going for a stroll around his neighborhood because he had moved into his house just a couple of days before Sky wings had arrived.

One night Sky wings had gone out for dinner and saw Bobby again and she thought that it was just strange because every where Sky wings would go Bobby would be and she no longer liked him and thought that Bobby was stalking Sky wings and wanted to get out of that town and go back to her old country because she never got stalked in her old country and so she left her fabulous dinner and started packing and put her. The one thing that she did not know was that wherever Sky wings goes Bobby follows her and  never stops until she is gone for good.    

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