Sunday, 27 August 2017

Summary of journal entry one shooting satrs

summary of journal entry one of the book shooting stars.

In these few chapters the main character Egan tucker was introduced. He helped his mother rebuild the vege patch fence because of a 200kg boar kept breaking through and eating the veges. One day he gave up and took a crossbow knife and his dog and went to look for the boar, Once he had found it he knew someone was near but the boar charged after he heard the man afterwards Egan tucker killed the boar with a knife and he met T.J they took boar to his camp and split it when the moon was up he went home to his mum. A few days later he was at T.J’s camp again and they saw some hunters who told them a cyclone was coming soon T.J packed up and went While he told his mum half the story and they moved all the valuable stuff they had to the winter cave to prepare for the cyclone.

By Lucas

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