Sunday, 27 August 2017

Summary (The Last Tuatara)

Jason needed to talk to someone about what happened on the Mountain and better to do that with than Bert as he knew Bert would believe him and take what he said seriously.  He wasn’t too sure whether his family would believe him.  Between Jason and Bert, they came p with a plan to call customs and give them the heads up that Shawn Morriss was returning to America and they thought he would be smuggled out of the country geckos.
When customs stopped Shawn, they searched him thoroughly but didn’t find anything, however during this time of been searched he showed his aggressive side and was escorted onto a plane by the police. Customs called Jason’s home phone and explained to his dad that Jason had accused Shawn of smuggling and they found nothing and that Shawn was extremely upset.  Jason’s family were also upset with him, and as punishment, he lost his quad bike.
Jason new he was right about Shawn, and he came up with another idea.  When on Jelly Mountain he took photo’s and made notes of the Tuatara he saw.  These photos and notes he sent through to his Environmentalist teacher.  Minutes later she was responded extremely excited about his findings and organised to come to Jelly Mountain to investigate further.  
Mrs Joanne Petherbridge arrived later than expected has she had to detour to New Plymouth to do some foreskin work.  She explained that someone on a private jet tried to smuggle out of Auckland 30 odd geckos and it was her job to take tissue samples to try and work out where they came from.
Jason went to bed early that night as he and Mrs Petherbridge was getting up at five the next morning to head to Jelly Mountain for research.
The next morning g they arrived on Jelly Mountain and took samples, tests and eggs along with capturing a Tuatara for further research.  Unfortunately, when the teacher left Jason she stopped at the petrol station and left her keys in the car and her car was stolen and then written off.  The eggs were smashed, but thankfully her tests were safe.
January arrived, and Shawn was back and ready to get even.  He set Jason up by pinching his quad bike and destroying the corn fields.  When Shawn told him what he had done, Jason went to the corn fields to get his bike and see what had been done.  Jason played straight into Shawns hands.  Everyone thought Jason was responsible including his own family.

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