Sunday, 27 August 2017

summary for novel study

 It was just after lunch and Bianca was called over to the office and when she got there her mum was there waiting to take her out of school of the rest of the day to talk about how things are going to run from now on. After 4 hours of driving around Bianca’s mum dropped her off at school again so that she could get her car. Before she got out of her mums car her mum said ask casey if you could stay the night because me and your dad have to sort things out and it might get a little bit out of hand and we don’t want you seeing it or hearing it. Bianca got out of the car and walked over to her car and where she put her things in the passenger's seat and got in the drivers were she called Casey. After she called 3 time Casey finally pick up and that is when Bianca asked if she can stay the night because her mum has returned and that her mum and dad were going to talk about the divorce and how she send the divors papers to Bianca’s dad without warning him or without warning Bianca.

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