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Novel Study


In her Oceana costume, Rio prepares for her daring performance. I get really scared because it is a risk, and we all know that Rio takes a lot of risks. But this one got me really scared because she can die, but all though she can control stuff with her voice. But when True pulls aside Rio he hands her a whole lot of money. That makes me want to cry because True does care about Rio and he doesn’t want Rio to die, or True probably wants Rio to stay below with him.
When True and Rio were kissing under the tree that got me feeling disgusted because I hate romantic feelings, but it did feel like Rio or True was living the life. So when Rio and True decide to steal a gondola that got me feeling shocked and surprised because who knew that Rio and True would ever steal.
When Maire explains that the people in the deep market were knocked unconscious by air pressure and then drowned, that got me really scared because I have that feeling that I'm going to die and I always remind myself about my family dying. And it is scary and you get frightened and that is just for me when I either hear this about people drowning or other things. When she uses her voice to make the crowd disperse, that got me really excited and made me go wow because I never knew she could do it to a bunch of people.

When the special broadcast goes on by Nevio, he pronounces that hundreds of people died in the deep market breach. I had started to get very emotional and sad because when people die, I feel sad for the loved ones that they have, and also their family. So when Nevio says they will be sent up to the flood gates, I had straight away thought of Rio. Because I know that Rio is going to make her way out and she probably does have a plan. And she does, she can see her way out of Atlantia and that makes feel like she will have to take a lot of risks.
Right there?
When Rio prepares for her stunt, does she get nervous and scared?
Think and Search?
For what reason did they have to hijack a gondola?
Author and You?
What can you infer about True’s feeling when he kissed Rio?
On my Own?
How would you earn money apart from doing stunts?
For the next three chapters, I think that Rio is going to actually escape because she has everything she needs and she has got her plan to get above. But I also do think that she is going to miss True after, everything he has done to her. I predict that True is not going to stop her because True knows that it is her dream to get above and find out why Bay did go above.
When Rio tries to escape I think that Nevio is going to stop her because Nevio has Maire’s shell and he can ask anything to her and she will answer correctly. I also predict that Nevio is going to tell his guards or anyone and they will surround the floodgates, to make sure no will escape.
I also predict that everyone will find out that Nevio is a siren because he can control everyone with his voice, and I think that he will turn everybody into his slaves.
I also think that Atlantia is going to be destroyed and I think that Rio will go above.
In her Oceana costume, Rio prepares for her daring performance. But True pulls aside Rio and hands her a whole lot of money, so that she wouldn’t have to do the stunt, and he explains that these fish are the proceeds from the mechanical fish. But Rio still wants to do this stunt. After when True fails to convince Rio not do to do the stunt, True says he can’t watch and walks away.Though Rio is growing her feelings for True. Rio decides there is no reason for her to stay down in Atlantia, and buts an air tank from Ennio. When Rio goes to work in the ocean room she can hear screaming happening, the alarm goes of to signal a breach of Atlantia’s wall sound’s. As soon as everyone puts on their emergency oxygen masks that they are required to carry around with them. When it says everyone, Rio doesn’t have hers. She had forgotten hers in her distraction. There are no extra masks to help Rio survive, and no one can share their masks with her. Rio realizes that she will die if the breach reaches her. She also hears the screams of the sirens from the walls of Atlantia, that Maire has been talking about. Eventually, the voice explains that the breach is contained and the danger has passed. But the voice says that it had reached the deep market, and the engineers were forced to seal it off to protect the rest of the city. Rio then thinks of True and immediately rushes to the deep market to see if he is still alive.
True confesses that he heard Rio use her voice during the ceremony of the divide, and knows that she is a siren. The both of them kissing under the tree. Rio and True decide to steal a gondola and head to the deep market, to see if they can help the trap people there. Maire appears out of nowhere and explains that the people in the deep market were knocked unconscious by air pressure and then drowned. True and Rio hold hand to hand toward the temple, and notice that all the metal leaves are gone. Atlantia is falling apart and so is Rio. Justus, Maire, and know True knows she is a siren.
Nevio puts out a special broadcast and says that hundreds of people had died in the deep market breach, and they will be sent up to the flood gates in groups. Rio sees her chance to escape Atlantia through this method. Rio sneaks into the morgue with her air tank and disguises herself among the bodies. She has a moment where she is never going to see True ever again, and then the water starts to rush into the room. Rio fears that Maire tricked her into doing this to get rid of Oceana’s remaining daughter. Rio sees the other bodies moving through the water to a blazing bright light, and wonders if this is the third miracle. Suddenly the bright fades away and the water levels lower. Rios escape attempt has been discovered.

Text To Text
Text To Self
Text To World
When it says Atlantia is falling apart, it is just like the book A Face Like A Glass. Because a girl named... is losing her memories. And that is just like Atlantia because all the leaves have fallen of the tree and a lot of people are dying.
When Rio is torn that she will never get above, it is just like me because when I don’t achieve something I have been working for a long time like rio has I do get torned.
When Nevio sends out a special broadcast about the people going through the flood gates who had died. In New Zealand ( Auckland ). We have a broadcast, But we do not have it only for special occasions and not for only dead people, we also have it for songs.

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